Adamari Lopez
A personal goal

Adamari Lopez reveals her secret to dropping 20 pounds naturally

Lopez revealed to HOLA! USA that there’s no magic tricks or bistoury involved in her process

Adamari Lopez is living her best life thanks to Oprah’s weight management program, WW (formerly Weight Watchers). The Puerto Rican actress and tv host is also serving as the Latina ambassador for the company after taking on a personal challenge to lose weight to set a good example for her daughter, Alaïa.

Adamari’s journey started to show results, and fans were wondering how she was able to get rid of unwanted pounds. Although many speculated that her new figure was the result of a surgery, Lopez revealed to HOLA! USA that there’s no magic tricks or bistoury involved in her process.

Adamari Lopez©Hoy Día
Adamari Lopez revealed to HOLA! USA that there’s no magic tricks or bistoury involved in her process.

“After trying so hard - because it is one thing to want to do it and another is to be able to do it. I joined WW because I was looking to have a healthy lifestyle and something that would make me achieve it,” Lopez tells us. “It is a very personal decision. Besides wanting it, you have to work for that because the results do not come alone if you are not faithful to the process.”

“The quarantine also gave me the opportunity to dedicate time to myself, do my exercises and prioritize that in my life,” she adds. According to Adamari, she used to put her hectic life as a mom and TV star as an excuse for not having time in the past. “When my girl started taking classes from home, I started to schedule exercises, and at first I lost between seven and ten pounds, and I was excited,” she confides.

“I feel thrilled with what I have achieved and the energy I have.”

“The sessions with my WW coach help me a lot to stay motivated and focused, and I have already lost more than 20 pounds,” she says. After losing weight, Lopez says she feels more agile and energetic, rests much better, and has noticed how her mood has improved. “The program has brought me very positive things, and I feel more confident. Now I dare to wear clothes that I used when I was a few pounds lighter,” Adamari reveals.

Adamari Lopez©Hoy Día

According to the co-host of Hoy Día, she is not a dieter. “At WW, we don’t do diets, there we can choose what to eat among all the available things, and we follow suggestions for foods that have fewer points,” Lopez adds. In the WW program, nothing is off-limits; however, people must follow a system in which different foods “points” are assigned to foods based on their calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein.

“I found out that you can cheat on the show, but you can’t cheat on yourself,” she says. “If you can’t eat the number of points that correspond to you according to your weight, your age, and your gender, then you won’t succeed.”

So what does Adamari eat?

“I eat everything in very moderate amounts,” she reveals to HOLA! USA. “Things that I like, and I add other things that may not be my favorites but benefit my health. That is my success to lose weight.”

According to Adamari, there is something that she stopped consuming completely. “I completely stopped drinking sodas. I stopped because, for me, they are a trigger that makes me gain weight and delays me in my process,” she points out.

“It is important that you be generous with yourself and be aware that things make you feel good,” she suggested. ”It‘s not about food, but other things that bring you well-being, like a simple walk on the beach, doing yoga, going out with your family to the park,” Lopez says. The star says that although losing weight is difficult if we are focused, we will achieve it.

“WW is there to help us, but it does not work miracles. You are the one who must do your part. The road is going to seem long and difficult, but it is not impossible. Bet on you. Remember that life is beautiful,” she concludes.