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Getting informed

Jennifer Lopez shares podcasts to listen to in wake of the Black Lives Matter movement

The star also shared suggestions for what to read and watch at the moment

Our nation is undergoing crucial times in which now more than ever, it’s important to show support while educating ourselves on how we can be of help to the Black community. Many celebrities are using their voices and platforms to spread messages and continue the conversations surrounding our peers. In light of the situation, Jennifer Lopez took to her Instagram account to share some recommendations on what to read, watch, and listen to for her fans to further educate themselves and have a better understanding of what is happening.

JLo and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez were only a couple of the many celebrities who participated in Blackout Tuesday on June 2nd to stand in solidarity with the Black community. The mom-of-two has been part of the artists who have joined the Black Lives Matter movement following the tragic death of George Floyd, 46. On Wednesday, the 50-year-old star continued her strive for change by sharing some resources and suggestions for her fans to follow after noting a black screen was not “the full extent of my support and solidarity.”

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JLo shared this image on her Instagram stories

“If you’re not sure how to respond, listen,” she wrote. “If you’re not sure what to read, research,” she continued. “If you’re not sure what to do, donate.”

The rest of her post read: “‘Not sure’ becomes ‘not my problem,’” followed by “It’s not enough to be ‘not sure’ when racism is still taking lives.” Under her suggestions of podcasts to listen to, the On the Floor singer included 1619, Code Switch and Pod Save the People. For watching, she named 2016’s film 13th, Whey They See Us and 2018’s The Hate U Give.

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Black Lives Matter protests have been ongoing throughout many cities in the country

As for books, JLo recommended Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston and White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, PHD, among others.

While some stars have been taking to the streets to join protesters, others like Jennifer are using social media to fight systemic racial inequality.

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