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J Balvin urges Latinos to ‘do better’ and shares support for the Black Lives Matter movement

The Colombian-born reggaetonero shared his emotional plea with fans

J Balvin has taken a stand and is letting the world know that he is looking to “do better” as a Latino. Like many celebrities, the Blanco performer is speaking out about all the injustices that are rocking the US. In an emotional post shared on his Instagram, the reggaetonero vocalizes his support for the Black Lives Matter movement and pledges to be a better human, artist and friend as well as to properly educate himself on the current social issues affecting the African American community and minorities within the US as a whole. “I urge the Latino community to join me — we know as a minority ourselves just a small part of the pain that they live in each and every day — let’s help our brothers and sisters,” he shared.

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The Colombian-born artist broke his silence and showed support for the Black Lives Matter movement via social media

J Balvin also admitted that through the process of him educating himself on the deeper meaning of the movement, he learned “the deep significance and horrifying history that is the root of the #blacklivesmatter movement.”

He continued, “I appreciate that it is my responsibility to educate myself on the plight of Black citizens in America - to learn about their struggles and the ongoing systemic racism they face each day; and more importantly, how I can be a better ally and help change the system through my voice and my actions.”

At the end of his message, he revealed that he had made (an undisclosed) donation to the Colors of Change organization “as a sign of his commitment” to social change within the US. In a further show of support and respect, the artist will be postponing the June 5 US release date of his clothing collaboration with Guess.

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All around the US, people are showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement through peaceful protests and supporting social advocacy organizations providing additional help

J Balvin isn’t the only celebrity speaking out and showing support for the movement. Recently, the late Kobe Bryant’s wife, Vanessa Bryant, made an emotional plea on her Instagram account about how fragile life can be and how we need to “drive out hate. Teach respect and love for all at home and school. Spread LOVE.”

Other stars like Daddy Yankee (who honored his bi-racial Latino roots in an emotional post), Camila Cabello and many more have been taking a stand and showing their support. See J Balvin’s full bilingual post below.

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