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Adriana Lima’s go-to workout that is usually $4,000 is now free

The former Victoria’s Secret Angel loves to get a good sweat in

Adriana Lima’s secret to a healthy body and mind is working out every day and consistency. As simple as it sounds, the Brazilian supermodel has been joining the 54D (54 Days) live workout that is keeping her in shape and healthy. She recently surprised her fans with a live workout alongside former professional soccer player Rodrigo Garduño who has been offering his at-home workouts out of his Coral Gables backyard. Aside from the former Victoria Secret’s Angel, others have joined the Miami-based fitness phenomenon including Latin singing sensation Fonseca, Yankees legend Jorge Posada and more. “From my own experience, the workout is what keeps me going, it keeps me positive. When I finish, I feel great. There were a few days that I didn’t do it and I felt so bad,” mentioned Adriana in the live video.

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Adriana Lima has been doing the live workouts from 54D during quarantine

Though the supermodel has been in quarantine and lockdown, this hasn’t stopped her from doing her fitness routine. 54D is a results-based, 9-week training program utilizing high-intensity group training, discipline and commitment. The all-inclusive system is divided into three specialized areas including physical training, a custom nutritional plan and recovery therapy at a hefty price tag of $3,999 for 54 Days. But thankfully, the workout routines are now free every morning on Instagram Live. Adriana who has been joining the trainers every day has felt the challenge and reward.

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The Puma spokesperson admits that 54D motivates her to workout in the morning

Not only has this fitness movement been blowing up online but also delivering results to all the participants including the mom-of-two. “OMG I love it! I loooove it! You know, if you give us intense workouts it’s like heaven to me cause I don’t get bored. I think everyone here knows that it’s easy to get bored,” shared the 38-year-old Brazilian who mentioned the workouts have become a new outlet for motivation and inspiration. “It gives me a sense of routine, that I gave something that I’m doing for myself that is positive. So right now, one of the most important things that you can do for yourself is to workout.”

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