Khloé Kardashian in a mint green bathing suit©@khloekardashian
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The exercise routine that transformed Khloé Kardashian’s figure

The reality TV star is always flaunting her toned and curvaceous body

Exercising pays off, and there’s no better proof than Khloé Kardashian! The celebrity boasts a flat, defined stomach as well as a perfectly sculpted and toned silhouette thanks to her fitness regime, which, although extremely strenuous, gets her visible results. It’s all about lots of jump rope reps, combined with other activities including lifting weights and several repetitions of various exercises. Fortunately for us, the model shared part of her workout regime on social media, so here are all the details of her incredible physical transformation.

Khloé Kardashian flaunts her sculpted abs©@khloekardashian
A jump rope is the secret behind Khloé Kardashian’s hot bod

In the past, the reality TV star not only followed a strict exercise routine, she also took guidance from personal trainer, Don Brooks—who has also worked with other stars— and helped Khloé achieve such an enviable bod. “Let me tell you, Don (aka Don-A-Matrix) is crazy,” she said jokingly. “This guy has me doing 500 jump rope swings, and every 500 we have to do a [set] of a workout.”

The Good American owner explained that she does a total of 6,000 jumps, plus a 30-minute cardio warm-up. Looking into this we discovered that the jump rope tones the arms, shoulders, glutes and legs. It also improves agility, concentration and coordination while also strengthening the ankles and joints.

Khloé Kardashian flaunts her sculpted abs©@khloekardashian
Khloé does push-ups and squats between each set of 500 jump rope swings

But her workouts don’t stop there. In the “breaks” between each set of 500 jump rope swings, the businesswoman does push-ups with dumbbells and squats using a Bosu ball. Go Khloé!

It’s no secret that this Kardashian likes to watch her weight, and the hard work she puts in to maintain her new figure really is a testament to what can be achieved with strict discipline. So give it a go and include these classic jumps in your exercise routine, but remember to do it with the help of a trainer to avoid injury!

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