2023 NBA All Star - Ruffles Celebrity Game©GettyImages

Ben Affleck and his son Samuel announce the teams at the 2023 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game

Samuel is ready for his spotlight

Ben Affleck and his son Samuel, who he shares with Jennifer Garner, are having an awesome time at the Ruffles 2023 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game. They had the special honor of announcing the teams, and it was too cute.

2023 NBA All Star - Ruffles Celebrity Game©GettyImages

The special moment has fans ready to nominate Affleck for father of the year. “@BenAffleck doing intros with his son at #NBAAllStarWeekend before the celebrity game was cool to see. Might have him winning #Fatheroftheyear,“ tweeted a user named Chris Morris.

One fan was impressed with Samuel’s energy, “Ben Affleck needs to give the mic to his son. He got more energy. Ben just taking this check,” user Andre Sherard quipped.

Others were shocked to see how much Samuel resembled Garner. “Ben Affleck’s son looks just like Jennifer Garner lol,” wrote one user. “Ben Affleck’s son is Jennifer garners twin,” added another.

It doesn’t seem like his wife Jennifer Lopez was in attendance.

Affleck’s new movie “Air” is set to release on April 5th, which explains why he was at the game. The movie starring Matt Damon is about the birth of Nike’s Air Jordan, in collaboration with Michael Jordan.

“I’m very excited about my sons with me, and he’s very excited, he’s a big NBA fan, and there’s a lot of exciting celebrities that are gonna be there,” Affleck said in an interview ahead of the game.

“For the movie, it’s a good opportunity because this is a movie where I think more than sports fans or basketball fans will like and be interested in,” he said.

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