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Mariah Carey sells her mom’s abandoned home in New York

The singer has a complicated relationship with her family

Mariah Carey added some pocket change to her wallets earlier this month after selling her mom’s abandoned upstate New York home. The singer originally purchased it for her mom Patricia Carey, 84, in 1994 for $419,000, per Dirt. She was able to turn a profit on the home as it officially sold for $757,444, over $250,000 more than the initial asking price. The 4 bedroom 2.5 bathroom house sits on almost 6 acres but has been empty for a year as it’s reported Patricia was relocated to West Palm Beach, Florida, to live in an upscale senior living home.

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A family insider told The Sun they were shocked to learn Patricia moved out of the secluded property. “I was shocked that she left there, she’s been in that house since 1994. It was a big deal moving to that house from her old home where Mariah spent her high school years,” they said. “Pat would walk down her driveway onto the beach, she loved it there, and didn‘t want to move in the first place,” the insider added.

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Mariah’s relationship with her family has been rocky and she talked about them in her 2020 tell-all memoir, “The Meaning of Mariah Carey.” She became distant from her mom a few years after she bought her the home since a 2001 incident when Patricia called 911 after Carey allegedly had a violent nervous breakdown, per NY Post. “The whole cop thing was just Pat’s jealous, mean-spirited nature,” a source later explained to The Sun.

“Mariah was at no time a danger to herself or anyone else … Patricia wanted the world to know her vulnerable daughter was breaking down, she enjoyed Mariah being brought down a peg or three. I would have never forgiven her, it was a nasty, vindictive thing to do,” the source said,

In her memoir, Carey wrote a letter to Pat and said she would love her the best she can. “And to Pat, my mother, who, through it all, I do believe actually did the best she could. I will love you the best I can, always,” it reads. Her mother was also a well known opera singer who she aspired to please, “I loved her deeply, and, like most kids, I wanted her to be a safe place for me. Above all, I desperately wanted to believe her,” she wrote. “But ours is a story of betrayal and beauty. Of love and abandonment. Of sacrifice and survival. I‘ve emancipated myself from bondage several times, but there is a cloud of sadness that I suspect will always hang over me, not simply because of my mother but because of our complicated journey together,” Carey continued., “It has caused me so much pain and confusion. Time has shown me there is no benefit in trying to protect people who never tried to protect me. Time and motherhood have finally given me the courage to honestly face who my mother has been to me.”

The same goes for her siblings who she openly refers to in the book as her “ex-sister” and “ex-brother.” Earlier this year both of her estranged siblings sued her, alleging emotional distress and defamation for statements made about them in her per Dirt.

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