Karol G and Anuel AA posing together
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Karol G surprises Anuel AA with a wedding wish

The ‘Tusa’ singer turned 29 on February 14 and in a romantic gesture, asked her fiancé Anuel to marry her

It was a weekend full of celebrations for Karol G. The Colombian beauty celebrated her 29th birthday surrounded by friends and family, including fiancé Anuel AA, who wouldn’t miss Karol’s big day for anything in the world. “Celebrating my little baby’s birthday together,” he said in a sweet post on social media.

Karol shared photos of herself with Anuel standing next to a birthday cake. “I am so happy today as God has given me another year... Doing what I love to do, with the people I love by my side. Happy Bday to meeeee!!!” she wrote. But, making this birthday even more special, she also made a wedding-related birthday wish!

Karol G and Anuel AA posing together at her birthday party©karolg
Karol G asked Anuel to marry her during her birthday celebrations

The Puerto Rican rapper had already announced to his 19 million followers there would be a wedding in 2020, and it looks like on her birthday it was Karol’s turn to officially ask her fiancé to marry her! The Tusa singer shared her birthday wish in a sweet video featuring a cute picture of both of them together, writing: “Marry me, Anuel.”

Karol G and Anuel AA kiss at her birthday party©anuel_aa_0fficial
Anuel announced there will be a wedding in 2020

Although the couple hasn’t shared more details about their upcoming wedding, they have been very open demonstrating the love they feel for each other. Earlier this week, the China hitmaker surprised his fiancée with an incredible birthday present, a Rolls Royce Phantom, one of the most exclusive cars in the market. Adding a romantic note to celebrate Valentine’s Day, he also made sure the back of the car was full of red and white roses.

Karol G posing on top of her Rolls Royce, gifted by boyfriend Anuel AA©karolg
Anuel AA surprised his fiancee with an exclusive gift