How ‘God Save The Queen’ became Dany Garcia’s personal mantra

How a ‘royal national anthem’ became Dany Garcia’s personal mantra

GSTQ’s polished to perform fall collection has arrived!

Dany Garcia wears a lot of hats, or should we say crowns. Today, the Cuban-American business mogul is the co-founder of Seven Bucks Productions, the chairwoman of The Garcia Companies, the first female sports league owner, a mom, wife, professional bodybuilder and founder of GSTQ.

As the daughter of immigrants, the first-generation American dreamed of a bigger life and was driven to make it a reality after coming across the British national anthem: “God Save The Queen.” “That title struck me so powerfully that it became my personal mantra in which I envisioned myself as a queen,” Dany tells HOLA! USA.

The tune went on to become the name of the Hollywood producer’s newly launched lifestyle brand GSTQ that empowers women to look and feel their best. Continue reading to learn more about Dany’s new clothing line, which dropped its fall collection just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, along with the mindset behind the collection, plus when she feels most empowered...

‘God Save The Queen’ is Dany Garcia’s personal mantra©Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for GSTQ
‘God Save The Queen’ is Dany Garcia’s personal mantra

How has your upbringing and culture influenced your lifestyle and fashion line?

My parents and grandparents believed strongly in hard work and embracing the opportunities that were present in this country. This inspired me at a young age to dream big and hold aspirations that most believed were beyond my reach.

One day, during my high school band practice, I was given the royal national anthem to play “God Save The Queen.” That title struck me so powerfully that it became my personal mantra in which I envisioned myself as a queen and I would continuously write GSTQ on all my notebooks.

It would become representative of the mindset that carried me forward as I dreamt of a bigger life, driven to make wonderful things happen. Eventually the idea became my desire for GSTQ to represent a brand for others - and my fashion and lifestyle brand is the realization of that.

What inspired GSTQ?

I’ve had what I would call a passionate relationship with fashion with many ups and downs. As an athlete all of my life, I’ve had shapes and body types that didn’t exactly always fit to the fashion I wanted to wear, and it became constricting and not supportive. I took my experiences to create what I couldn’t find, which is curated, timeless pieces that are polished to perform and support one’s everyday movement, all for the woman who is running her universe.

The business mogul launched GSTQ in 2021©GSTQ
The business mogul launched GSTQ in 2021

What is the mindset behind your collection?

At the core of GSTQ, there is a belief that there is something great inside of you, and GSTQ was founded on the belief that clothing can be that powerful element that supports your drive forward, rather than restricts who you are today. This is evident in each of our pieces, whether our high stretch Tech Twill Blazer or effortless Asymmetric-Drape Maxi Dress, which allow you to feel as comfortable at the end of your day, as you did when you first put it on in the morning.

When do you feel your strongest, or most empowered?

My strongest and most empowered moments are when I’m mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for the executions of my day. From being diligent with my self-care, to prioritizing my training, supporting my aesthetic expectations as to my dress/appearance and also embracing my desire for detailed preparation. In short, being true to my needs, keeps me in a strong and empowered state.

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