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Akin Akinözü, the Turkish heartthrob who will capture the hearts of Latinos in the U.S.

The famous 31-year-old Turkish actor is the star of the internationally acclaimed series, ‘Hercai: Amor y venganza’ premiering on Telemundo June 22

Turkish series have captured audiences around the world with their extraordinary productions. This time, “Hercai: Amor y venganza” (Hercai: Love and vengeance) is set to conquer viewers with a unique storyline that has all the perfect ingredients for success. The series premieres June 22 at 9pm / 8C on Telemundo. The protagonist of the story is Akin Akinözü, a handsome, award-winning Turkish actor, with whom viewers will fall in love.

Akin, who is 31 years old, is not only a talented actor, he is also a film buff with a degree in Applied Mathematics from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley . In this series, he plays the role of Miran Aslanbey, a character that has helped him gain recognition and has catapulted his acting career; winning an award for “Best Actor in Dramatic Series” at the Golden Lens Awards of the Magazine Journalists Association in 2019.

He was also awarded for “Best Couple in a TV Series” alongside Ebru Shain, who played Reyyan Şadoğlu, his co-star in “Hercai.” Furthermore, he won the “Nova Más” Award for “Best Male Actor” and “Mister Nova”, both in 2019.

The plot of the series is a modern day “Romeo and Juliet” story, set in Turkey, where two of the wealthiest families in the city, Şadoğlu and Aslanbeys, are separated by revenge for the death of Miran‘s parents allegedly caused by Reyyan’s family who he falls in love with.

During our exclusive interview with Akin, he opened up and allowed us to discovered a little more about him, not only through his character, but also through his personal experiences acquired during his travel journeys, his brief life as student in the U.S., his passion for art and his simple philosophy of life.

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©HOLA! USA
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke| Makeup: Burcu Taş | Hair: Saç Doğukan | Jacket: Isabel Benenato / Beymen | Athlete: Zara | Pants: Hugo Boss | Necklace: Zone, Spark Atölye

Who is Akin Akinözü?

Who am I? I guess we all try to figure out this question and that’s where acting comes into play in my life because I realized that acting gives you space and opportunity to discover depths of yourself through different situations of plays and scripts. And more importantly it gives you opportunity for an in-depth discovery of what it means to be a human being.

How do you define yourself?

The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus (a quote by Bruce Lee). I would define myself as an average man with laser-like focus.

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke| Makeup: Burcu Taş | Hair: Saç Doğukan | Knit: Beymen Collection | Pants: Hugo Boss | Shoes: Vans / Ayakkabı Dünyası | Bracelets, Necklace and Rings: Zone, Spark Atölye

Your work as an actor has already gained international recognition. How are you handling your rapid and monumental international success?

Storytelling is at the core of all the humanity and what I am experiencing now means to me that we made it to attract other tribes to gather around our fire and to listen our story. So, I can proudly say that our story has gone beyond its local borders and touched people’s hearts worldwide. International recognition has come to me more like a sound of the success I intended as an actor.

How do you handle fame?

I believe personal fame is the side effect of our job. I said personal fame because I am not the central point at all in this whole context. The point is feelings been triggered; dreams been inspired through the story have been told. This should be famous not me because I am not the one who can give you all this. So, violating my privacy does not make sense at all. You should realize that you are the one who can make all those feelings and dreams happen in your life. I could only be a channel… We look at the stars up in the sky every night, and we might want to reach them maybe one day we will however I believe that the point is not to reach them but shine like them because we can! To sum it up I am trying to find balance between my profession and my private life…

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke| Makeup: Burcu Taş | Hair: Saç Doğukan | T-shirt: Givenchy / Beymen | Jacket: Hugo Boss | Jean: Mavi | Boots: Saint Laurent / Beymen | Rings: Zone, Spark Atölye

You are about to get married to your partner, Sandra Pestemalciyan, Would you mind sharing a little bit about your relationship?

Rumors about getting married... It is not even our topic because we are both working on making our shared dream happen. And if marriage becomes part of this shared dream, then we will welcome it whole-heartedly. I guess I already gave you hint about our relationship. It is based on friendship. We both want to climb to the same mountain, and we believe that both of us individually can make it to the top. However, supporting each other on this journey is much more fun and much more meaningful.

Your biggest project to date is set to premiere to the US Hispanic audience on Telemundo. Congratulations! This is a big deal. How do you feel about this project, ‘Hercai: Amor y venganza.’?

It is a big deal… It will be a local journey filled with universal feelings. So, they should be ready to eat such a food they have never seen but tastes so familiar.

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke | Makeup: Burcu Taş | Cabello: Saç Doğukan | T-shirt: Beymen | Jacket: Emre Erdemoğlu

Are you ready to conquer the US Hispanic audience? They are going to love you!

I am not going to conquer them, but I hope I will be such a guest for them that they will be excited to welcome me and my story every Monday -Friday at their home. And I hope after each visit, I will leave them with a beautiful feeling.

Tell us about the psychology of your character in ‘Hercai.’

He is such a brain-washed character who believes that he will find love and peace only through taking revenge.

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke | Makeup: Burcu Taş | Hair: Saç Doğukan | Location: Cağaloğlu Hamam

What traits of your personality do you share in real life with your character?

On the journey, we became one with him so at this point it is hard for me to make distinction between traits of our personalities. However, one crucial trait shared is we both listen to our hearts. Whatever our logical mind tells us, we will trust our gut and follow it anyway. I believe chemistry happens at this point, there is something you want to express in your life and that’s the exact need for your character. My experience of switching from applied math to acting found a place to express itself through this character.

Can you share an anecdote you want to share with us form the first season or the early days of the production?

Far from home, far from loved ones, one dream and inspirational lands of Mesopotamia. Let’s see what happens (smiles)...

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke | Makeup: Burcu Taş | Hair: Saç Doğukan | Shirt: Saint Laurent/ Beymen | Jeans: Mavi |Boots: Saint Laurent / Beymen | Belt: Ayakkabı Dünyası | Rings and Necklace: Zone, Spark Atölye

¿Which latina actresses or latino actors do you admire the most? Do you like latino music?

Javier Bardem is one of my favorite actors. And of course, Jennifer Lopez… she was my crush when I was in high school.

Do you find any similarities between your culture and latino culture?

We are both Mediterranean countries and placed on the same parallel. I guess it says a lot because our cultures are also parallel. Family, food, music, dance and of course passion. These are our core elements. However, what is fascinating is that we express these core elements in different ways. Beautiful example related to our series is local dance of Mardin called reyhani. I believe when Hispanic audiences watch Miran and Reyyan dancing “reyhani”, they will get the sense of tango in a totally different way.

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke | Makeup: Burcu Taş | Hair: Saç Doğukan | Locación: Cağaloğlu Hamam

Is there anything you’d like for the HOLA! USA audience to know that you haven’t already shared?

When I was in Los Angeles, I had many opportunities to learn Spanish however I never took a step. But now with all these things happening I have recently started to learn Spanish for upcoming years.

Akin Akinözü Digital Cover HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: Ozan Balta | Stylist: Yasemin Eke | Makeup: Burcu Taş | Hair: Saç Doğukan


Photographer: Ozan Balta @ozanbalta
Photographer assistant: Enes Gumus
Stylist: Yasemin Eke @porteristanbul
Stylist Assistant: Merve Güreş
Makeup: Burcu Taş @burkhu
Hair: Saç Doğukan Punar @dogukanpunar
Videographer: Ahmed Nadhim @Ahmed_nadhim__
Manager: Gunfer Gunaydin

Thank you!
Cagaloglu Hamam
Location: Lokanta 1741 @lokanta1741

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