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Reese Witherspoon asks fans for help after finding a cardinal bird in her home

The actress realized he couldn’t use his wings.

Reese Witherspoon lived a stressful moment after finding a cardinal bird unable to fly. The actress found the injured bird on her property, and after several attempts to help him find his way back home, she realized he couldn’t use his wings. “You okay,” the 44-year-old actress asked the passerine bird commonly found in North and South America.

Committed to helping the beautiful red bird, Witherspoon placed a box with food. “I put down a box and he hopped in,” she wrote, adding, “I did NOT touch him.”

Reese Witherspoon asks fans for help after finding a cardinal bird in her home©Reese Whitherspoon
Reese Witherspoon helping a cardinal bird.

Although the actress did her best to provide food and a safe place for her visitor, the cardinal refused to eat. Concerned about his health, Witherspoon asked her social media followers for advice. Her followers immediately suggested taking him to a vet or wildlife center.

Among the answers, there was one in particular that caught her attention. “Also... cardinals are symbols/visitors to you from people you know who have passed on,” one wrote to her. Surprised by the message, Reese highlighted the text with a circle and writing, “And this.”

Reese Witherspoon asks fans for help after finding a cardinal bird in her home.©Reese Witherspoon
Reese Witherspoon asks fans for help after finding a cardinal bird in her home.

According to, cardinals are indeed considered “messengers sent by the spirit world,” and they “denote something big and noteworthy.”

“Cardinals are, resultantly, viewed as the revolving point between our world and the spirit world, acting as messengers between the two,” the publication informed.

Four out of the seven Archangels are known as the Cardinal Angels in Western Traditions. Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Michael “provide support in the form of divine inspiration and protection.”

Northern Cardinal bird©GettyImages
A male northern cardinal bird perched on a metal pole in a neighborhood of Ridgefield in New Jersey.

Whether which tradition you follow or which myth you believe, cardinals are a synonym of positiveness. “Almost all of these meanings are positive ones and are related to their axial nature; cardinals often represent renewal in this manner. This is reinforced by their presence in the winter, with their brilliant red feathers standing out against the stark white snow and promising the return of spring,” Medium informed. “Whether it’s a message about the relationships we have with others outside our family, those we have within it, or those we have with our blessed ancestors, heed the call of the cardinal and you will receive the wisdom of the ages as a result.”

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