Queen Elizabeth goes fur free

Queen Elizabeth takes a stance in fashion and goes fur-free

Her Royal Highness has decided to use faux fur from 2019 onward

With winter fast approaching, the royals are unloading their winter racks and switching up their fashion style. And with the 'new year-new me' season resolutions just around the corner, Queen Elizabeth IIhas chosen to go fur-free for this winter season, and every season after 2019 for that matter!

Her Majesty’s personal advisor and senior dresser, Angel Kelly, revealed the new fashion decision in her recent book, The Other Side of the Coin: The Queen, The Dresser and The Wardrobe. The decision has been applauded by many organizations around the world and is said to align with the ideals of the British public.

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Historically, fur has been a key element in many royal pieces. The queen’s ceremonial robes, for example, contain fur and will continue to be used, but there are many other pieces in Her Majesty’s wardrobe that will be altered or duplicated, replaced instead with faux fur. PETA UK has lauded the British royals’ decision on social media by stating, “We’re raising a glass of gin and Dubonnet to the Queen's compassionate decision to go fur-free. In 2019, no one can justify subjecting animals to the agony of being caged for life or caught in steel traps, electrocuted and skinned for toxic fur items.”

The fur-free movement has been evolving over the years. Britain became the first country to ban fur farming on its grounds in 2000 and many high end brand and designers like Gucci, Prada and DKNY have stopped including fur in their collection. No country has yet banned the sale of clothes containing fur completely, however, maybe Britain will become the first and pave the way?

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