Luxembourg royals meet newborn royal baby

The emotional moment the Luxembourg royals met their grandson

Prince Guillaume and Princess Stephanie welcomed their son Prince Charles on May 10

Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa are celebrating the birth of their newborn grandson Prince Charles from afar. After the arrival of the royal baby on Sunday, the Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg shared photos of Prince Guillaume’s parents virtually meeting Prince Charles for the first time. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess met their grandson via video chat from their home Berg Castle. “During an emotionally charged video call, Their Royal Highnesses the Grand Duke and the Grand Duchess had the immense joy of meeting their grandson for the first time: Prince Charles,” a palace statement read. “While waiting to finally be able to take him in their arms, they are happy grandparents who could discover the face of the newborn under the emotional gaze of His happy Parents, the Grand Duke heir and the Grand Duchess heir.”

The proud grandparents met their newborn grandson via video chat©© Cour grand-ducale / Sophie Margue
The proud grandparents met their newborn grandson via video chat

Photos shared by the palace showed the proud grandparents beaming as they spoke with Guillaume, who was seen holding his and Princess Stephanie’s son up to the camera at the Grand Duchess Charlotte Maternity hospital where he was born.

The Grand Duke and Grand Duchess weren’t the only Luxembourg royal family members celebrating Charles’ arrival. Tessy Antony de Nassau, formerly Princess Tessy of Luxembourg, who was married to Guillaume’s younger brother Prince Louis, congratulated the first-time parents, while also revealing that her sons Princes Noah and Gabriel were excited over their cousin’s birth. “No better way to celebrate mothers day then by becoming a mother for the first time❤️❤️I remember how this feels, how it looks when looking for the first time into the eyes of your newborn little angel, Touching his little toes, cradling him in your arm, time just passing by, feeling complete and blessed. I cherish and enjoy this feeling since then everyday! ❤️” Tessy penned alongside a screenshot of the palace’s announcement.

The palace described the call as emotionally charged©© Cour grand-ducale / Sophie Margue
The palace described the call as emotionally charged

She added: “Even today, Noah and Gabriel were snuggling with me for an hour before serving me my mothersday breakfast made with love by them. ❤️ We are soooo happy for you both and are wishing you both and Charles all the best!!! How exciting! Happy Mothersday Stephanie🥰From one mum to another 😉🇱🇺Gabriel and Noah are screaming of joy and are exited to meet their new little baby cousin hopefully soon and play with him with his warhammer little figurines as Noah just said 🤣 🥳🥳🥳🇱🇺🇱🇺🇱🇺🥳🥳 Vive, Vive, Vive🇱🇺❤️🦋 #family.”

Stephanie and Guillaume welcomed their first child, Princes Charles Jean Philippe Joseph Marie Guillaume, on May 10 in Luxembourg. After his son’s birth, the new dad spoke to the press outside of the hospital proclaiming that it was “the most incredible day” of his life. “Today is a wonderful day, for my wife and for myself. And probably the most incredible day that we will have in our life because to be able to greet a child that comes into one’s life is the most magical thing a couple can have,” he said.

The Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg welcomed their first child on May 10©© Cour grand-ducale / Sophie Margue
The Hereditary Grand Duke and Duchess of Luxembourg welcomed their first child on May 10

Guillaume continued, “And this is exactly the experience we are living today that we are able to share also with our country people with Luxembourg as a country, and we are delighted to do so also at a time that is a bit more difficult, also especially for families that have been separated for a few months, which are now in the next few weeks going to be able to see each other again. A birth is a message of hope, it’s a blessing and I think this is what we are so happy to be able to share with Luxembourg, but also over the borders with all the different countries.”

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