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Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine© Wacaco

The Ultimate Father’s Day Guide: 36 impressive gifts for dad

This year splurge on a nice present, he deserves it

Andrea Pérez
Director/Deputy Editor Miami
JUNE 7, 2022 6:28 AM EDT

Father’s Day is just around the corner on June 19th, so if you’re starting to scramble about what to get your dad who is typically super hard to shop for, we got you covered! We have rounded up a fantastic list of unique gifts for every type of dad that will make them feel noticed, loved and appreciated on their special day.

Whether he is a stylish or foodie dad, the outdoorsy or working out type, the grillmaster of the family, a whiskey connoisseur or tech-obsessed working father, these thoughtful presents are a great way to show him you are grateful for all he has done for you over the years. Of course, while this list is great for your dad, it can also give you ideas to honor other fathers in your life, like your step-dad, husband, brother-in-law or friends.

So scroll below to see our top picks for best Father’s Day gifts.

Maison d' Etto Discovery Set© Maison d' Etto

For the dad that appreciates a luxury fragrance

This Discovery Set by luxury brand Maison d’Etto is a fabulous present if your dad appreciates the finer things in life. He can sample all five fragrances from their collection. The collection aims to inspire one’s own personal exploration into the deepest sense of self. Each fragrance symbolizes part of a personal journey.

*Available on their site or at Bergdorf Goodman and The Conservatory.

Maison d‘ Etto Discovery Set

Courant Catch:3 Essential© Courant

For the dad that likes keeping things organized

This designer-quality and Oprah Winfrey approved wireless charging station is a great gift for most dads, but especially for the ones that like to keep things in order. With the Courant Catch:3 Essential, your dad can keep all his accessories, keys, sunglasses, etc, organized and he can also always have his phone charged. The Essential line comes in 4 colors and our favorite is their brand new color Forest (a stylish green)!

CATCH:3 Wireless Charging Station


For the dad that likes grooming his beard

According to their site this Every Man Jack Beard Kit is best for “any guy who deserves a little upgrade”. So why not give your dad a grooming kit that will take his beard look to the next level. Made with coconut oil and shea butter, this kit will leave his beard smelling like sea minerals and citron with Bergamot and Rosemary, looking softer and smoother.

Every Man Jack Beard Kit

Beats Solo3 Wireless© Beats by Dre

For the audiophile dads that jam out with headphones

If your dad likes to tune out and immerse himself into his music world, and is picky about sound quality, get him these awesome Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones. Not only are they aesthetically cool, their battery lasts for up to 40 hours! And extra bonus if your dad is an Apple loyalist as it comes with the Apple W1 chip, which means it can seamlessly connect to all his Apple devices.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

Orientalism Style© Assouline

For the book loving dad

This beautiful linen-cover coffee table book is about the “mysterious allure of the Middle East and Asia.” It has over 200 illustrations that highlight some of the most iconic art movements and design styles of the regions. The book by French journalist and writer Laurence Benaïm (author of Yves Saint Laurent) is an excellent gift for the fathers that love contemporary books. It’s part of the Assouline Style Series, which also includes coffee table books such as Art Deco Style, Aspen Style, among others.

They also have an amazing Travel Series that features books about Havana, Tulum, Miami Beach and more.

Assouline Orientalism Style

Red Clay The Hot Sauce Set© Red Clay

For the dad that loves every thing spicy

This foodie gift crafted by a chef is perfect for the dads that have a high tolerance for spicy food! Red Clay put together a fab collection of their best- selling hot sauces, which includes their Original, Verde, Carolina, Habanero, and Peach. These will just make any dish taster hotter and better.

Red Clay’s The Hot Sauce Set

Wacaco Nanopresso espresso machine© Wacaco

For the dads that go camping and love coffee

An espresso maker he can take with him on every camping trip. This stylish Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker is a great gift for the outdoorsy types, travel friendly, easy to use, makes good coffee, overall, an ace item!

Nanopresso Portable Espresso Maker

Buck Mason Draped Twill Short Sleeve One Pocket Shirt© Buck Mason

For the fashionable yet relaxed dad

This Draped Twill Short Sleeve One Pocket Shirt by Buck Mason is stylish yet casual enough for your dad to wear out for a beer or to his cool creative job. He can wear it tucked or untucked and with dress shoes or sneakers, whatever he choses he’ll look fab!

Buck Mason Draped Twill Short Sleeve One Pocket

Mode Pack by Nixon© Nixon

For the eco-friendly on-the-go dad

If your dad is always on the go AND cares about the environment and is conscious about reducing his carbon footprint, he will love this Mode Pack by Nixon. This spacious and padded backpack not only has a nice minimalist design with a large panel for easy access to large items, it is also made with recycled ocean plastics (PET), which means your dad will feel like he is doing his part in conserving our planet.

Nixon Mode Pack

Bang-Olufsen Waterproof Bluetooth speaker© Bang-Olufsen

For the dad that could use a stylish quality speaker for EVERY occasion

The super portable Beosound A1 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker by Bang-Olufsen, which has a beautiful minimalist Danish design and superb sound quality, is perfect for every occasion! Really! Your dad can use this speaker when he works out in the garage, cooks in the kitchen, goes on camping or hiking trips, it’s IP67 waterproof so he can also take it to the beach or pool, in the shower? and even further he can use it for all his work calls as it has an integrated voice assistant and a speakerphone. This gadget is so nice, we are confident your siblings can’t top this!

Beosound A1 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker


For the casual and preppy dad

If your dad has a casual and preppy look, you can’t go wrong with this 100% organic cotton Billy Reid Pensacola Polo Shirt. It’s extra soft, perfect for summer and spring and made by one the most respected award-winning menswear designers in the country.

Billy Reid Pensacola Polo Shirt

The spice house Barbecue Deluxe Collection© The spice house

For the BBQ loving dad

If your dad is the pit master of all your family’s gatherings and he loves his BBQ cooked just right, this is the perfect gift for him! This Barbecue Deluxe Collection from The Spice House, has seasonings, rubs, and spices that will help your dad cook the most memorable Jamaican jerk chicken, Kansas City-style brisket and more.

Barbecue Deluxe Collection

Jaxon Lane Deluxe Skincare Set - Bro Mask© Jaxon Lane

For the dad that takes care of his skin

If your dad has a skincare routine, introduce him to one of the 10 things Nick Jonas can’t live without! This celebrity approved men’s skincare brand, Jaxon Lane, has amazing products with natural ingredients that are unscented, paraben-free, and ethically sourced. Their Deluxe Skincare Set has 8 award winning products (GQ, Esquire, Men’s Health) formulated with dermatologist that will give your dad smoother and softer skin.

Jaxon Lane Deluxe Skincare Set

Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte by Maison Francis Kurkdjian© Maison Francis Kurkdjian

For the dad that cherishes his luxury fragrances

If your dad appreciates the world of perfumes, he will rejoice in receiving Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte by Maison Francis Kurkdjian, crafted by one of most respected French perfumers in the world. The fragrance, also available in department stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, has heavenly bergamot notes from Calabria mixed with a fruity musk accord and bursts of blackcurrant, jasmine and mimosa. While it’s a bit pricey, it is totally worth it and this elegant scent will get your dad compliments wherever he goes!

Aqua Celestia Cologne Forte - Maison Francis Kurkdjian

The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine© Sound of Sleep

For the dad who can’t sleep

If your dad is sensitive to sounds and can’t get to bed he will really appreciate this gift. The LectroFan EVO sleep sound machine will help him drown out the sounds from the noisy neighbors, street outside or from the others in the house up watching TV. It has 22 to sounds, from different fan sounds to several white, pink, brown and nature sounds. He will get a good night’s sleep, fell well-rested and love you for it!

P.S. Both the Today Show and NY Times’ Wirecutter called it the best noise machine of the year!

The LectroFan EVO

Theragun mini© Theragun

For the dad that aches after a workout

The mini Theragun, might sound small but this wellness gadget with a 150-minute total battery life is powerful enough to help your dad relieve tension after a tough workout and alleviate muscle soreness and cramps. And this mini massager is perfect to take in his gym bag! Plus let’s face it, your mom might love it as well! (they might give you the favorite gift award!)

Theragun mini

Opopop Flavor Wrapped Kernels Discovery Kit© Opopop

For the snack-loving dad

If your dad is always snacking or he NEEDS his popcorn to watch a movie or while focusing on a work project, he will be excited to get this gift. With this Opopop Discovery Kit, your dad can try 7 delicious flavors of popcorn. From traditional buttery and lightly salted flavors to Chedapeno and Maui Heat, all the way to sweet flavors like vanilla cake pop and Cinnalicious.

Opopop Discovery Kit


For that dad that’s gotta wear shades

If your dad is the type to grab his shades on the way out the door or they are a must-item for his fishing expeditions or outdoor adventures, he will love this practical gift and it will keep him from squinting in the sun while looking stylish. The Camp Collection by Shwood has a variety of shapes designed with rugged durability and sustainability in mind. You can also add polarized lenses to minimize glare and provide UVA/UVB protection, plus! It comes with a retro glass pouch that your dad will appreciate.

CAMP Sunglasses collection


For the nostalgic beer drinking dad

If your dad is a beer drinker, these 16 oz. pint glasses by Well Told will remind your dad of his favorite city, hometown or alma mater. The glasses feature a map etching based on the GPS coordinates of the place you’ve chosen. Every sip dad takes of his favorite will take him down memory lane!

P.S. We also love that Well Told gives back and a portion of their proceeds go to worthy causes.

Well Told Beer Pint Glasses

JBL Live Free 2 TWS© JBL

For the gadget obsessed dad

If your dad is always reading reviews for the best quality and value of tech products, he’ll be impressed by these JBL Live Free 2 True Wireless headphones. They have really great sound quality, are waterproof and sweat proof, and have an unbelievable 35 hours of playback (7 hours in the earbud; 28 hours from charging case). He not only will love his gadget, he will use them for his zoom calls at work and after hours to listen to his favorite podcast.

JBL Live Free 2 TWS

Coyuchi Men's Dillon Organic French Terry Jogger© Coyuchi

For the dad that absolutely loves his comfy joggers

Some dads are totally serious about their loungewear! These Coyuchi men’s Dillon organic french terry joggers are a gift that any of those dads would love. They are made with 100% organic cotton, are fair trade certified and feel extremely soft and comfy. He will use them all the time and feel cozy while relaxing at home.

Coyuchi Men’s Dillon Organic French Terry Jogger


For the stylish working dad

This Luis Steven designer-quality leather laptop backpack is great gift for the stylish dad that commutes to work. In this elegant laptop backpack made with premium Italian pebble leather, he can take his 15”/16”computer and tablet, his charger, phone, pens, all his important documents and more.

Luis Steven Medium Laptop Pack

Oliver Pluff & Co. Early American Coffee Trio© Oliver Pluff & Co.

For the caffeinated (plus history buff) dad

If your dad loves his caffeine and is always down to try new coffees, Oliver Pluff and Co. has a nice set called the Early American Coffee Trio, which includes 3 great flavors, Colonial Blend Coffee, Green Dragon Coffee, East Indies Blend and Chicory Coffee Blend. Each coffee blend explains their story and place in American history.

Oliver Pluff & Co. - Early American Coffee Trio

Cowboy Short Handled Grilling Tools© Pottery Barn

For the grill master of the family dad

This expertly crafted stainless steel and natural walnut wood handle grill set from Pottery Barn is a perfect present for the dad’s that grill meats, flip burgers and overall are the masters of the family grill. It’s a quality gift that your dad will appreciate and will use for all the upcoming summer family gatherings.

Cowboy Short Handled Grilling Tools

The Hero Dad Beveled Edge Cylinder with Metal Lid Black© Target

For the dad that likes an ambiance

This “Hero Dad” black candle from Threshold, which you can get at Target is a nice gift if your dad is the type that likes to set the mood in his neatly decorated space. It comes in an elegant glass container and it has an enchanting aroma.

The Hero Dad Candle - Threshold

Finesse Grid Crystal Drinking Glasses© Pottery Barn

For the whiskey drinking dad

Whether your dad likes his whiskey poured neat, straight up or on the rocks, these stylish and elegant imported fine crystal cocktails glasses from Pottery Barn will be perfect for his drink. It’s a set of 4, which means you, mom and your sibling can join him for a classic Old Fashioned on his special day.

Finesse Grid Crystal Drinking Glasses

Bombas Men's Dress Calf Sock 4-Pack Gift Box© Bombas

For the dad that likes traditional gifts

Some dads really do like to receive socks for Father’s Day! So if your dad likes quality and unique socks, he’ll love these dress socks from Bombas! They have a ton of arch support, come in 4 very elegant yet cool colors and they’re perfect to dress up for work or dress down to go watch the game!

Bonus: if your dad is a do-gooder, he’ll appreciate that per every sock purchased one is donated, as socks are the #1 most requested item in homeless shelters.

Bombas Men’s Dress Calf Sock 4-Pack Gift Box

Polaroid Now+© Polaroid

For the cool retro dad

If your dad loves nostalgia and retro items, and he digs photography, you will nail this Father’s day gift with a Polaroid Now+. This retro classic has been taken to a whole new level and will let your dad explore his fun creative side! It comes with 5 filters, an option for light painting, double exposure, manual mode, and two new tools, the aperture priority and tripod mode available through the Polaroid mobile app. This gift will totally remind dad of the past with an upgraded device to capture memories and be artsy!

Polaroid Now+

Kodak Moments Acrylic Photo Block© Kodak Moments

For the sappy dad

If your dad or husband is the sappy type, give him a sweet memory to remember on his special day. Kodak Moments has an Acrylic Photo Block that will look fantastic on his desk or bookshelf. He will love it and definitely get sentimental over this sweet gift!

Kodak Moments Acrylic Photo Block

Samuel Hubbard Highlander Pebble Grain Leather Dress Shoes© Samuel Hubbard

A splurge for the dad that never buys himself anything

Might sound old school, but who doesn’t want or need a nice pair of dress shoes! If your dad puts everyone ahead of him, he will be moved to receive a quality pair of pebble grain leather dress shoes by Samuel Hubbard. Their Highlander style is practical, comfortable (with a memory foam insole) and it’s so stylish and versatile that your dad will be happy wearing it for years to come, whether at the office or holiday gatherings.

Highlander Pebble Grain Leather Dress Shoes

Yeti 20oz Rambler tumbler© Yeti

For the dad who’s always on the go

If your dad is always on the go but can’t miss his first cup of joe, this Yeti Rambler Tumbler is the gift for him. Whether it’s to take his coffee warm or an ice cold drink in the summer, he can take it on his Yeti as he runs out the door!

Yeti 20 oz Rambler tumbler

Leovard Luxury Multi-Use Comb for Hair, Mustache and Beard© Leovard

For the posh dad (with a beard or mustache)

If your dad has a beard or mustache while simultaneously being posh and loving extravagant things, this is a great gift for him. Leovard makes the Ferrari of male combs. Their luxury multi-use comb has a truly exquisite and simple design, it’s made with high-quality stainless steel and it comes in a beautiful gray genuine leather carrying case. So wherever your dad goes, he can feel fancy while he combs his hair, mustache or beard!

Leovard Luxury Multi-Use Comb

You are the best coffee mug© Target

For the “Best” dad

This cute and simple light blue stoneware mug from Threshold, which you can get at Target says it all! And your dad will see this loving and affirmative gift every morning and think of you!

Stoneware You Are The Best Mug

UnderGents Swagger Lounge Wear Set© UnderGents Swagger

For the dad that lounges around

If your dad likes comfort, this lounge and sleep set from UnderGents is what you need to get him. They are cloud soft, light and are perfect for dad as his pajamas or to simply chillax at home or even step out to walk the dog.

UnderGents Swagger Lounge Wear Set

The Criterion Channel© Criterion

For the film buff dad

If your dad is a cinephile and is always talking about iconic or foreign films, let’s face it, the standard streaming services might not cut it for him. So, if you want to make him smile on this special day, give him a subscription to The Criterion Channel. With it he can watch all the classics and discover amazing and renowned movies from around the world.

The Criterion Channel Subscription

Leatherology Thin Bifold Wallet© Leatherology

For the dad that needs a wallet upgrade

If your dad’s wallet needs a serious upgrade, he will be super impressed by Leatherology’s high quality designs and craftsmanship. Their Thin Bifold Wallet is not only stylish and soft, made of full grain leather, it’s also spacious (6 credit card slots) while being lightweight and thin. Plus as a bonus, you can step it up by embossing his initials and they also have beautiful complimentary signature gift packaging, perfect for sending to dads in other cities as well! This wallet is so nice, it will probably make your dad keep of photo of you in it!

Leatherology Thin Bifold Wallet