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Discover Miley Cyrus’ daily workout for staying in shape and feeling great

The Wrecking Ball star does Pilates every day and has been singing its praises

Pilates is a very popular celebrity workout and Miley Cyrus is one of the discipline’s best-known fans doing the workout ever day because it not only keeps her fit but also makes her feel great. While it’s now a celebrity fave and has long been a major fitness trend, core-strengthening Pilates was initially created to help patients who had been bedridden for long periods of time to regain physical fitness. It draws on elements from yoga, gymnastics, bodybuilding, martial arts, and even meditation and rehabilitation, and offers a long list of advantages and benefits..

It's a practice that requires high levels of concentration©@mileycyrus
Miley Cyrus is a longtime fan of Pilates

Although there were originally more than 500 movements, there are now 35 basic moves that can be performed with machines, exercise bands, and balls and rings. A typical routine consists of slow, careful movements, some with the help of apparatuses designed specifically for this discipline, and others that can simply be done on a mat.

With Pilates, it is important that you make precise and controlled movements, while also remaining conscious of your breathing. It’s a practice that requires high levels of concentration since you have to use your mind to consciously control your body.

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Pilates consists of 35 basic movements

Once you understand the benefits of Pilates, you just might become an instant fan just like Miley as well as Jennifer Aniston, Camila Sodi, and Thalía.

  • As well as weight loss and weight control, each movement will also tone your muscles.
  • Pilates helps relieve back and limb pain since it strengthens the core—the center of your body—and improves posture, which also helps to prevent future injuries.
  • Increased flexibility is also a bonus.. Elongation was taken from yoga, but with this practice you will also strengthen muscles, allowing you to get the resilience you both need and want.
Movements must be controlled and precise©iStock
Many of the movements in Pilates can be done with hoops, exercise bands or simply on a mat

Achieving physical and mental balance is no easy task, and it is not achieved overnight, but trying to establish a connection between mind and body is one of the fundamental goals and achievements of this method.

Bear in mind that Pilates will also help you to reduce stress, something that is so important these days. It is not high octane but that doesn’t mean it is any less demanding or efficient than other workouts and might be the perfect complement to other workouts you enjoy.

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