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Eva Longoria gives us some serious booty goals with home workout

As access to gyms and sports facilities are now severely limited for most people, clever at-home workouts are in high demand and, thankfully, Eva Longoria has a great solution on hand. She took to Instagram on March 29 to show a fantastic gadget that might just be the answer to our prayers. It’s called the BOOTY Belt and consists of elastic bands connecting foot hoops to a waist band. Eva then went on to demonstrate – with a speeded up video – all the different exercises possible.

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And while she stretched and bounced her legs at various angles, adorable son Santiago could be seen tottering around the lush garden “looking for ants,” as his mom described it! The little boy, who will turn two in June, was also captured babbling away to the camera as his mom finished up her workout. “I didn’t do much today – it was hard!” Eva said. “I did three rounds of each exercise” she concluded the clip while Santi chatted away in the background.

Eva frequently shares fitness routines©GettyImages
Eva frequently shares fitness routines and tips with her 7.7 million followers

Eva frequently shares fitness routines and tips with her 7.7 million followers, such as a tricky routine on the BOSU ball, which works on stability training, and her steps challenge in Italy where she spent a day trekking up and down scenic alleyways while filming in Europe. Keeping in shape is always important but during these days of lockdown and uncertainty, making time for your physical health goes hand-in-hand with good mental health – so thank you Eva for your inspiration!

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