Cardi B uses Veet shave cream
Smooth skin

Cardi B uses this $8 drugstore product to remove her hair and the results are impressive

The rapper achieves smooth legs with a budget-friendly product you can find at your nearest store

Cardi B is using a basic product that gets extraordinary results and minimal irritation. So instead of using a razor, Cardi opted for the Veet 3 in 1 gel cream which offers a good alternative to your canceled waxing appointments and a budget-friendly choice to your laser hair removal. Cardi recently posted a sneak peek of her legs after using the product and the cream generated positive outcomes on her skin - smooth legs and hairless skin. Though the rapper was a little concerned before using the sensitive skin formula. “Guys, wish me f***** luck,” she shared with her fans before applying the gel cream.

Cardi B©@iamcardib
Cardi B trusts this drugstore hair remover for smooth skin

Cardi showed the final result of her super-smooth and tanned skin with the $8 drugstore product, “Ok it got me smooth. Like foreal look how smooth 😱A positive thing I found out and did from quarantine.” This depilatory cream can remove any hair types and is infused with aloe vera and vitamin E to reduce irritation and hydrate the skin. Though this formula is dermatologist tested, it is always important to test in a small area before applying to avoid an allergic reaction. The rapper has been in lockdown for weeks, and this Amazon product just gave her a 5-minute solution to her unshaven legs. Veet’s hair remover also reduces ingrown hair while leaving skin moisturized.

Cardi B legs©@iamcardib
The Veet 3 in 1 gel cream removes any hair type

All you need to do is apply a small amount on the leg and wait five to ten minutes. The cream dissolves the hair shaft and there is no need to use a razor. After, use a wet washcloth to remove the cream and rinse. The cream can be used for legs, arms, bikini line and underarms. Veet also has other hair removals such as spray-on cream, wax strips for the face and a botanic formula that will leave your skin smooth up to two times longer than shaving. Besides taking care of her beauty routine at home, the rapper also shared words of wisdom to the class of 2020 on her social media for those entering college, “Make sure the class you are going to take is going to benefit you. Make sure you research careers that are around the money you want to make in the future.”

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