Becky G’s Treslúce makeup line
Conscious formulations

Becky G’s Treslúce makeup line is not another random celebrity business

A brand with high-quality products that keeps the Latinx community at the forefront

Becky G’s newest makeup brand is not another random celebrity business but a celebration of Latinx culture and art. As a second-generation Mexican-American, the global artist, actress, activist, and beauty maven, is introducing to the cosmetics world Treslúce Beauty, a line far from cultural appropriation that offers Latinos and Latinas high-quality products while keeping the community at the forefront.

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Treslúce Beauty I AM Palette

For the star, makeup has been the best way to express her creativity. By the age of 15, Becky G was already an expert and became the youngest CoverGirl spokesperson. Immediately, her image and voice represented a generation of Latinx kids sharing her same passion.

As an adult, Becky decided to take one step further and explore the role of beauty entrepreneurism. Today, the community welcomes Treslúce Beauty with open arms knowing that they support a brand that carries the mission of uplifting and helping others by giving back in a meaningful way.

In an interview with HOLA! USA, Becky deep dive into the motivations behind her brand, what differentiates Treslúce from other celebrity makeup lines, and if she is using her business to create a parallel platform to promote mental health or begin a charitable foundation.

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Before announcing that you would be launching Treslúce Beauty, you’ve been testing and wearing the products in your music videos and several events. Can you please tell us how long you have been working on this brand?

It feels like a long time and a short time because our release date already feels like tomorrow, so it‘s kind of scary. But, still, I want to say it’s been well over a year and a half that we’ve been like talking about it every single day. So it’s definitely been a lot of work. It’s been a long time, and it feels great.

I have your previous makeup collab collection here with me, and when it comes to packaging design, there’s a big difference. Can you please tell us what differentiates this collection from collaborations with other brands?

I think [this collection] means so much more to our community. As I started to get older, I see our women not be the pretty face of a brand but to be the owner of a brand and be a brand creator. It is essential to see us as businesswomen.

I think it’s bigger than just makeup. First and foremost, it is something that I really want to get out there because there are so many incredible Latinx brands out there, and I was ready to create a platform in the beauty space that can facilitate more space and more conversation, more collaboration.

I was done being just the face of something. I wanted to really be the embodiment of the brand because I could name it The Becky G Cosmetics, but it is not about me, it is about us, about we, and that’s the biggest difference for me.

Your formulas also reflect something innovative. The use of Mexican blue agave. Does it have any properties?

Yes! There are benefits to it, especially for the consistency of the shadow. It makes it so much smoother, and it lays nicer. It is also hydrating in the sense that it’s just very buttery, and it’s not tacky; it’s still dry and helps to achieve that seamless feel. I wanted to make sure that the color payoff was very true and an instant without having too much fallout.

You don’t want to be labeled as another celebrity trying to do a makeup line. However, some celebrities use that exposure to create another platform, whether it’s for mental health or charity. Are you planning anything similar?

Definitely! I think there are so many pioneers in that space that have been doing that. I’m going to shout out Selena Gomez; I believe what she’s done with Rare Beauty incredible. I think the conversation around mental health, especially being a young woman in this space, needs to be talking about it more.

I’m beyond proud of our social awareness as a brand and what we are already doing and intend to do in the future. We are going to build a sense of community that makes an impact on the culture. As a Latina in the beauty space, I want to speak to what privileges —I’m a light-skinned Latina, and not all of us look the same. Not all of us speak the same.

And educating on that I think it‘s important. We need to do that together because we don’t talk about it enough outside of the beauty space. Especially the difference between ethnicity and race. And what that looks for me looks different for you and the person next to us, and that’s something that we really intend on leaning into a lot more.

Also, this is an artist-driven brand. I hope that the brand colors speak for themselves. When people talk about the vibrancy of Talavera blue and the pops of color, I want it to be messy, fun and feel adventurous and just authentic.

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When it comes to the spokesperson for the brand, are you going to be the face, or will you have models from different races?

We have so many beautiful faces involved with this brand, and we intend on inviting more; that’s the beautiful thing about businesses; it could be anyone. And that‘s what we stand by; it could be anyone, it should be anyone. Who wants to play and have fun with our products is more than welcome to.

And that’s something I’m also very proud of because we just finalize all our PR kits, and we have all of our beautiful pictures with our models. Of course, I’m in there, I mean, I’m proud of course I want to be in there, but it’s like I said it’s not just about me so I can’t wait for you to see that because it’s really beautiful.

Are we going to see a family member as a model? Perhaps your tia or grandma?

Sure! You’re definitely onto something because it’s something that we’ve been speaking about for future collections. For this one, you’re still going to be very excited and very happy with what you see. Still, we’re starting organic and with my story, but eventually, my goal is to bring tres generaciones (three generations). My sister, my mom, and my abuela are definitely something that we’ve considered strongly.

Speaking of your grandma, what’s the weirdest trick that she passed down? Whether it is for beauty or self-care

My grandma’s secret potions! She’s always in the garden collecting Yerba Buena and more plants. Still, there’s this herb my grandma uses, I don’t know the exact name, but she mixes it with mint leaves and rosemary and things like that, and anytime I got hurt, she would make this, and I promise you, days later I was like it never happened.

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An artist through and through, Becky G is an authority in beauty and cultural innovator. It seeks to pass on her knowledge and love of makeup to all through innovative, conscious formulations. Becky is devoted to her family, fans, community, and social justice advocacy—using her platform to raise awareness around various social issues, including Black Lives Matter and DREAMers. She is proud of her raices, infusing them into everything she does.

Take a first look at Becky G’s Treslúce makeup line


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A luxurious collection of 18 mattes and shimmers, wrapped in a stunning illustration by artist Monica Loya, the I Am Palette is a touch of affirmation magic at every swipe. With vivid shades drawing inspiration from pottery to papel de fiesta, this palette is an homage to Becky G’s Mexican heritage.

Infused with Mexican blue agave sustainably sourced from Jalisco, Mexico, these rich, pigmented shadows offer a buttery soft, blendable, and buildable formula that serves up a unique smooth feel to each application.

Each shadow is named after some of Becky’s favorite affirmations in English & Spanish (i.e. Poderosa, Divina, Diosa, Hustle, Vibrant, Grateful) The palette includes a removable keepsake mirror tucked inside and a personal message from Becky. It’s also made from recycled paper with soy ink.

TRESLÚCE Intenso Liners

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Enter the Treslúce’s mundo of color with these cruelty-free and vegan-friendly gel color pencils that come in a range of 15 shimmer and matte finishes, featuring vivid shades from pottery to papel de fiesta, that perfectly complements the I Am palette.

With a creamy and smudge-resistant formulation, these transfer-proof gel color liners glide on gently and deliver intense color for 13-hour wear. The Intenso Liners are multi-functional, which allow for use on lips and brows. Plus, they are ophthalmologist tested and safe for the waterline.

TRESLÚCE Like An Artista Brush Set

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Unleash your inner artist and create bold looks with this Like An Artista brush set. The softest of bristles, these eight professional quality, vegan mix texture fiber brushes let you blend until your heart’s desire while creating bold and inspired looks.

TRESLÚCE Ilusión Premium Lashes

Becky G’s Treslúce makeup line©Agencies

If the eyes are the gateway into our almas, Treslúce Beauty lashes are the invitation. From alluring to full-on drama, all will be hypnotized with the brand’s vegan 3D, 5D, and 6D lashes. Complementary to every eye shape, made with soft, synthetic fibers and reusable up to 15 wears.

Available in dimensional styles:
  • 3D Sueño: Wake up from your sueños and put on these alluring 3D everyday wear, vegan, reusable lashes that will enhance your real lashes in the most natural-looking way.
  • 5D Fantasy: Draw them into your fantasia with these fluffy, handmade, comfortable wear 5D lashes.
  • 6D Deseo: Serve up deseos with this exquisite multi-layer, mega volume 6D lashes that will blow them away.