Reina Rebelde drops a bold new lipstick in celebration of Latina lady bosses

The silky lipstick comes in a mauve nude color

Latina-owned makeup brand Reina Rebelde is making sure every Latina woman looks and feels like a boss on National Entrepreneur’s Day. The makeup line just launched a bold new lipstick called “La Jefa,” which translates to “lady boss” in order to highlight the rising tide of Latina entrepreneurs. The lipstick comes in a mauve nude color perfect for everyday use and for (obvi) running an empire.

Reina Rebelde©courtesy of Reina Rebelde
Reina Rebelde launched a new lipstick La Jefa ($16) in honor of all the Latina entrepreneurs

“La Jefa was inspired by the incredible women and Latina leaders I’ve had the privilege of knowing,” says Regina Merson, Founder and CEO of Reina Rebelde. “Their stories of grit and determination speak to an internal power and boldness that is changing the world.” Like the women who inspired the lipstick, La Jefe (retailing for $16) features powerful and high-quality ingredients. Designed over two years, the cruelty-free product provides full coverage and silky satin finish.

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“La Jefa was more than two years in the making,” Regina shared. “I wanted to capture the mood and confidence of current and aspiring Latina leaders who are starting businesses, enrolling in higher education, running for office and breaking barriers of every kind in record numbers. Their energy is contagious.” Besides empowering women and giving a boost of confidence, La Jefe will also do some good in the community—Reina Rebelde is donating a portion of the sales to benefit L.O.V.E (Latinas On the Verge of Excellence), a mentoring program to provide the next generation of Latina leaders the necessary tools and skills to thrive.

Regina Merson©courtesy of Reina Rebelde
“I wanted to capture the mood and confidence of current and aspiring Latina leaders,

As part of the launch, the makeup brand is also surprising 50 Latina-owned businesses across the nation to celebrate the Latina entrepreneurship spirit. “One of the primary principles of Reina Rebelde has always been to spotlight the women in our community, share their journeys, and create shades that authentically reflect them,” Regina added.

From its conception, Reina Rebelde has always celebrated Latinas and their culture with high-quality products. Besides this bold new lipstick, the makeup brand also features a variety of products, from shadows to liners and even nail stickers, all of which are made with the spirit of the Latina woman and keeping in mind that we all come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

La Jefa©courtesy of Reina Rebelde
The cruelty-free product provides full coverage and silky satin finish

La Jefa is now available to purchase online and keep in mind that purchasing this power-charged lipstick will give you silky mauve nude lips and a fierce confidence to take over the world. Here’s to all the Latinas!

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