Angelina Jolie

Watch as Angelina Jolie transforms into 'Maleficent'

The actress returns to the screen as the Disney villain on October 18

Angelina Jolie makes evil look so good. Disney gave fans a behind the scenes look as the actress transforms into Maleficent. In the 43-second clip, the 44-year-old sits in the makeup chair as a crew goes to work. Angie starts the video fresh-faced has various people work on the transformation. The supercut shows the actress as she gets her hair twisted into two buns that are soon covered by the villain’s horns. In the video, fans also see the prosthetic skin that ages the timeless beauty. In the name of show business, Angie’s beautiful smile is covered with a set of fangs.

Angelina Jolie transforms into Maleficent©Disney
Angelina Jolie gave fans a look at what it takes to transform into Maleficent

All of the magic happens to the tune of AC/DC’s Back in Black. The only thing missing is her signature wardrobe and infamous staff. Before long, the red lipstick is added to her pout and she’s completely transformed into the sinister character. In the latest installment of the film, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Angelina returns to play the title role. The film picks up years after the original and tells the story of the events that hardened the mistress and drove her to curse baby Princess Aurora.

In August, the First They Killed My Father star teased what fans can expect from the highly anticipated sequel. "It’s just grown, and we are going to learn more about who everybody is,” the actress told Exra. "My origins and where I came from... More backstory, and a lot of things are revealed."

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent©Custom
The actress sits through a process that changes her skin, hair and teeth

It’s not just the fans outside of her home who are excited, the moher-of-six also shared that her children are looking forward to the film. It’s wonderful,” she added. “They are all movies the kids can see, and all the kids, I think they are excited about different ones for different reasons.” Maleficent: Mistress of Evil hits theatres October 18.

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