Adamari López confirms she is separating from Toni Costa

Adamari López confirms she is separating from Toni Costa

The Telemundo T.V. host revealed that they will go their separate ways

After 10 years together, Adamari López and Toni Costa have separated, this news was revealed by Adamari during her television show, Hoy Día, from Telemundo. Previously, the TV presenter had shared with Mandy Fridman, from the newspaper La Opinion, that she was going through relationship hardships with the father of her daughter, Alaïa.

This heartbreaking confession comes after weeks of rumors about the distance between them. She opened up and clarified the situation for all the viewers. “Ada” broke the silence and confirmed that it was she who decided to end the relationship with her daughter‘s father. “I have made the decision to separate from Toni”.

Adamari López©@hoydia
Adamari López announced that she is separating on the TV program, Hoy Día

In front of the cameras, the T.V. host known as ‘La Chaparrita de Oro’ spoke about the situation that both Toni and her are going through, with their priority being their six year daughter, Alaïa. We want her to understand that while her parents are not together anymore, they will always love her.

“I have decided to announce it here, precisely because it is a difficult thing to talk about and because of the respect that I have for my daughter, Alaïa and that relationship of us, as parents, that will unite us forever. I wanted you, who are my family on the show, Hoy Día, to know that my decision has been one that I have thought and analyzed to focus on taking care of myself and valuing myself, because I feel it is important to put the welfare of my family first, so this is the decision I have made.” ‘Ada’ said emotionally to one of her co-hosts, Stephanie Himonidis.

The couple posed last February for HOLA! USA©Hola!
The couple posed last February for HOLA! USA

When asked about how her six-year-old daughter is handling the separation, Adamari commented: “What I do today is an effect on my princess Alaïa. She knows that she has two parents who love her and that they will always love her and we’ll be there for her at all times, that is what we are focused on and that is where I put my energy every day of my life.”

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The actress also added that they both sought professional help to face this difficult chapter in their lives and that it was thanks to that that they came to the hard decision to separate. “Yes, it is not the first time that I have seeked help. We have looked for help as a tool to help us make this very tough decision and at this moment, we understand that it is the right thing to do, to live our lives separately.”

Adamari shared a message for all those women who, like her, are facing a similar situations and told them that they had to be as strong as possible. “I am not one to tell others how to live their life, but what I could tell them is that I hope they are strong and that they are not afraid,” he said. ”Life has always taught me that the future always has something beautiful, something good and that with courage and a lot of faith in all things and with the hand of God, one can achieve anything they strive for in life.”

What happened between them?

According to the newspaper La Opinion, the couple broke up because their relationship ran its course, and the breaking point happened shortly before Adamari‘s 50th birthday. The couple was planning on celebrating her 50th birthday, with a big party among friends and family in the Dominican Republic, but a few days before the trip, they canceled everything and people who had already paid for their plane tickets and their stay, traveled, but without them.

La Opinion mentioned that despite the cancellation of the trip and the party in the DR, Adamari celebrated her birthday in an intimate setting organized by her great friend, Karla Monroig.

Just last February, Adamari and Toni posed for an exclusive digital cover for HOLA! USA and talked about how their relationship had managed to stay strong for 10 years and the love and affection they have for each other. They also shared how it had transformed over time. In that conversation, Adamari referred to the rumors that clouded their relationship. “I think that sometimes many people comment on our life without even knowing me or knowing us. You never get used to people talking when they have no idea what‘s going on between us.”