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Adam Sandler crashes a pro basketball open gym and Shaquille O’Neal rates his skills

You should be worried about the ballers that dress that like Sandler

If there is anything Adam Sandler could possibly love more than producing and acting in movies, it‘s basketball. The legendary actor is known for hitting up local basketball courts with whoever is already on court and this year in May he went viral after an intense public game in Long, Island New York. Just a couple of months later the actor is going viral again after a video posted to Twitter showed him balling up at a pro-open gym run with Trae Young, Tobias Harris, Boban Marjanović, Aaron Gordon, Jordan Clarkson, and more. Sandler looked comfortable as he flashed a peace sign at the camera in his usual outfit that screams “I’m too rich to care.”

Adam Sandler©@jaydoefilms
Adam Sandler flashes a peace sign

On Wednesday, September 1st the one and only Shaquille O’Neal commented on Sandler’s skills on the court. The basketball legend appeared on the podcast Green Light with Chris Long and when asked if he’s ever met an actor that actually plays on the court he responded without hesitation, “you know what? Adam Sandler.” “I’ve shot 5 movies with him. He’s legit. “Not pro legit but he‘s definitely LA Fitness, you know, 24-Hour Fitness legit.” Which is fair since that is one of Sandler’s ball-up locations. Shaq went on to call him a “great facilitator,” which means he is one of the most important players and can usually see plays happening before they occur. The host also joked about Sandler’s outfits. “Actually the guys that got the perfect fit are the guys that can’t hoop,” Shaq said defending the Don’t mess with the Zohan star. “The guys that don’t really care what they wear, those are the guys you have to be worried about,” the hall of famer added.

Shaq might be on to something because when Sandler played in Long Island he was rocking a long pink polo over his white basketball shorts and he had the whole court backing down. One Twitter user joked, “Adam Sandler looks like when you forgot your gym clothes in middle school but didn’t want to miss out on basketball day.”

Balling up with strangers isn’t something new for Sandler. Back in 2019, he had buckets at a LA Fitness in Atlanta. Just ahead of Christmas and his new movie Uncut Gems he was the star of the court in more ways than one at the local gym.

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