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Nicki Minaj shares sweet video of her eight-month-old son trying to walk

“You trying to do all of that today?”

Nicki Minaj is keeping her family life private, for the most part, but she still lets her loyal fans see glimpses of her life as a mother every now and then.

On Saturday, May 29, the “Seeing Green” rapper shared a rare video of her eight-month-old baby boy trying to stand and walk on his own. In the clip, her son—whom she refers to as Papa Bear since she hasn’t publicized his name—is shown being held up by Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty.

“You trying to do all of that today?” Minaj can be heard saying in the video as her son tried to stand up by himself. “You’re not trying to do all of that today? Am I bothering you? You had it?

She went on to pretend to speak for her son in a baby voice, saying, “Mama I had it, leave me alone already please. I don’t got time for all of that mama.”

She captioned the video with a simple teddy pair emoji as a reference to his sweet Papa Bear nickname.

Nicki Minaj welcomed her first child with her husband on Wednesday, September 30. While she still hasn’t shared his name, she let the world know she had a boy about a month after his birth.

She took to Instagram on Thursday, October 15 to post all of the well-wishes she’s received from her celebrity friends since giving birth.

First, she shared a note from Beyoncé, who wrote, “Onika, Welcome to motherhood. God bless you and your family, B.”

Minaj also posted a message from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who simply wrote, “Congrats! We love you!”

The rapper also posted messages from Winnie Harlow, Riccardo Tisci, and Karol G, thanking them in her caption before revealing the sex of her baby.

“Thank you to Queen B, Kim & Ye, Riccardo Tisci, Winnie, Karol & everyone who sent well wishes during this time. It meant the world to me,” Nicki wrote on Instagram. “I am so grateful & in love with my son. Madly in love. My favorite liddo boy in the whole wide world. 🥳🧸🎁🎈”

Later that month, she shared a photo of the baby’s foot online, followed by the first photos of him in January.

“#PapaBear thank you so very much for choosing me to be your mama,” she wrote. “Becoming a mom is by far the most fulfilling job I’ve ever taken on. Sending love to all the superhero mothers out there. Big hugs to all the women who have been pregnant during this challenging time.”