Bad Bunny graces the cover of W Magazine

Bad Bunny covers W Magazine’s music issue and delivers hilarious ASMR attempt

“I think we’ve already proven that music is a universal language”

Bad Bunny is one of the cover star’s for W Magazine’s Music Issue.

In his recent interview with the publication, the Puerto Rican superstar talks about bringing reggaeton to the world, winning a “gringo Grammy,” and his nascent wrestling career.

On his recent win at the Grammy awards, the singer talked about how special it was to “be able to achieve my dreams simply by doing what I love.” He continued, “That they give me an award for doing what I love—it’s like, okay, give it to me.”

“It was one of the more beautiful moments in my career,” he said about. the award. “The recognition of an album that, for me, is very special, and which I consider one of the best albums in the latest era of reggaeton and the Latin genre.”

When asked if singing and speaking in Spanish was a political choice, however, Bad Bunny said no.

“I’m simply being myself,” he explained. “I think we’ve already proven that music is a universal language. You have people from all parts of the world singing songs in Spanish. We don’t have to sing in English anymore to cross over.”

When it comes to his upbringing, the music he listened to as a child--via his parents and other family members--influenced a lot of what he makes now.

“My father would usually listen to tropical music, a lot of salsa. My mom liked merengue and balada a lot,” he explained to the mag. “At my grandfather’s house, I would listen to old man’s music, like bolero, bohemia.”

He continued, “With my friends, I would listen to a lot of reggaeton. Some would listen to rock. I have musician family members, musician friends. And so I grew up around a lot of musical preferences. Obviously, I always identified more with reggaeton, because it was popular music in my country and from my childhood and my generation. That has always been the foundation. But it’s not like I am just there. I have a lot of rhythms in my head.”

Along with this interview, Bad Bunny--full name Benito Antonio Martínez-Ocasio--also tried his hand at ASMR for W Magazine, delivering an absolutely hilarious attempt at the popular trend.

In the video, the star chews on some Peeps and a giant Rice Krispy Treat, whisper-sings, and so much more. Check out the video up above to see even more of Benito’s personality shine through.

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