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Bad Bunny reveals struggles with depression

The Urbano music artist gets real about how his sudden rise to fame has affected his life

Bad Bunny is one of Latin music’s biggest and hottest artists right now. In only three years, the Puerto Rican rapper has enjoyed a career that many could only dream of and has reached international stardom at a level unmatched by many. Considered the Latin ‘King of Trap,’ he has garnered troves of fans globally with his chart-topping music, solidifying his status as a musical titan. Days after celebrating his 26th birthday, Benito Martínez also celebrated the launch of his latest studio album YHLQMDLG. Despite the appearance of all the happiness that surrounds him, Bad Bunny has revealed that he has also suffered from depression due to his cosmic rise to the top.

Bad Bunny©@badbunnypr
Bad Bunny gets honest about his battle with depression

In an interview with Dominican journalist Santiago Matías, the Ni Bien Ni Mal performer shared how he was burdened by much sadness for some time. “That process was more than I could handle, I was overwhelmed... I didn’t feel well, I wasn’t happy with what I was doing, I was feeling unhappy—you know—with all the success: achieving so many things, my dreams [coming true], etc... but I wasn’t enjoying any of it, so I decided to distance myself from everything,” he revealed.

A few weeks ago Bad Bunny surprised fans with the release of a song that covered the topic of depression and suicide titled Si veo a tu mamá. “There are times when people just don’t understand, they don’t see what you see. Being different is bad, that’s what makes us all the same, it is what makes us human,” shared the artist in a comment on social media.

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Thankfully, this chapter in his life is one that Bad Bunny was able to overcome thanks to the arrival of love in his life. In the interview with Santiago, the Callaíta singer confessed that he has become a more loving and caring person because of it. “I am doing well, of course. I’ve always been open to love and affection, I am a very affectionate person. I am at a point in my career and in my life where I feel comfortable with myself and everything. I feel honest about what I am doing,” revealed the rapper.

Bad Bunny©@badbunnypr
Bad Bunny was able to find love at the end of his journey to find himself

Despite what many of his colleagues in the industry do, Bad Bunny has expressed that he doesn’t like to flash his money or belongings. “I am different, there aren’t many with the same flow. You want to know about me? Listen to my music. My luxuries and everything else are my business,” he revealed.

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