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Must Watch: Kerry Washington asks kids about the 2020 election while hosting ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The ‘Scandal’ star’s guests have a few interesting ideas and answers!

Actress Kerry Washington hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live” where she was surrounded by a group of children who were ready to share their thoughts on November’s presidential elections. The reactions are great, even though the kids didn’t have extensive knowledge on the subject matter. They did their best to answer Washington’s questions in a segment of the show called ‘Kinder-cision 2020’.

“Voting is one of our most sacred duties, and it’s important to start talking about it early,” the actress explained, before cutting to the “Kinder-Cision 2020” clip.

The kids were a little confused about how people could cast their votes. Some believed that people had to visit the White House to vote. One boy suggested that people have to pay to vote and it costs $50. A second kid said between $100 and $200. A third kid went overboard when mentioned the total of $2,000 for casting a ballot.

Watch the whole segment to get a good candid laugh as the ‘Scandal’ actress get hilarious responses from her interviewees.

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