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Michelle Obama goes on a ‘secret mission’ to find her book

To celebrate the paperback release of her book, “The Light We Carry,” Obama stopped by Target to sign a few copies.

Michelle Obama is celebrating a special occasion. Her latest book, “The Light We Carry” was just published on paperback, prompting her to go on an undercover mission to Target to sign some copies and get some stuff for herself and her husband Barack Obama.

Obama shared her mission on an Instagram video, showing her wearing a sweater, a hat and some sunglasses to maintain her identity hidden. “We’re gonna try to do this low-key,” she says to the camera inside her car. The video then shows her in Target, walking around the store. “I’m in Target!” she says with a little dance, prompting a laugh from the person that’s recording her.

She then walks towards the book section, finding her own. “Here it is!” she says, approaching a tower of copies. “Here we are. It’s me!” she says. Obama signs some copies and explains how surreal the moment is. “There are six signed books here at the Target in St. Louis,” she explained, proceeding to get some stuff for their dog Sunny, her husband, and herself. “The girls, they can get their own stuff,” she said, referring to her daughters Malia and Sasha.

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Beyonce and Michelle have been friends for years, with both supporting each other’s projects

Michelle Obama’s love for Beyonce’s new record

Following the release of Beyonce’s “Cowboy Carter,” Michelle Obama took to social media to share how much she loved the album. “With Cowboy Carter, you have changed the game once again by helping redefine a music genre and transform our culture. I am so proud of you!” she wrote in a statement on Instagram. “It’s a reminder that despite everything we’ve been through to be heard, seen, and recognized, we can still dance, sing, and be who we are unapologetically.”

Obama and Beyonce have long held admiration for eachother, with the former always sharing a positive statements following the release of new music.

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