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Dayanara Torres’ heartwarming act of kindness with her ‘black jacket story’ - read all the details!

The former Miss Universe reveals how she lost something she loved, and how she was able to get it back

Dayanara Torres is thanking her lucky stars. The singer-actress-model took to social media to share the special details of her ‘black jacket story’ with the 1.3 million followers on her @dayanarapr account. In the heartwarming story, she shares how she accidentally left her black jacket on a Jet Blue flight as she was traveling to Florida — a jacket that had been with her through all the highs and lows of her life. Then, as fate would have it, the jacket found its way back to her while on her way to Los Angeles. She shares how Xiomara, a representative for Jet Blue, found her on the L.A. flight and returned her black jacket.

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In the post “Last week I flew to FL as I do ever week for #MQB on what has become my favorite airline Jet Blue with their #MintExperience!!! I landed and as I arrived to the hotel I noticed that I had left my black jacket on the plane. I found myself feeling so sad, not for the material loss, but because of all the memories I had in that jacket... it was more than 10 years of trips, with the kids, on our cold vacations, and so much more, it was my favorite... To soften the blow of my “black jacket loss” I told myself: ‘Misma, oh well, it’s time for something new...”

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The mother-of-two won the Miss Universe title in 1993

She continued explaining in the caption of the post how Xiomara from Jet Blue came onto her L.A. flight looking for a “Ms. Torres” with her black jacket in hand. The model could not contain her happiness at being reunited with her favorite jacket. At the end, Dayanara asked that if anyone knows Xiomara personally, to give her a big hug on her behalf for making someone’s day so special.

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