Rory Feek reveals daughter Indiana 'has not asked for her mama,' Joey Feek

Easter Sunday was bittersweet for Rory and Indiana Feek. The day marked the first time the father-daughter pair would celebrate Joey Feek's "favorite holiday" without her.

“I can’t help but think of my bride today,” the 49-year-old penned on his blog This Life I Live. “To remember all the Easter’s we’ve spent together over the years and what this morning would be like if she were still here with us. What it would mean to her to share Easter this year with our two-year-old. It would be so, so special.”


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The doting father shared a snap on March 27 with his little girl. He captioned the sweet photo, "My little bundle of Joey."

Joey passed away earlier this month after losing her battle to cervical cancer. Since her passing, Rory noted in his most recent blog post that the couple’s young daughter has yet to ask for her mother. “Indy has not asked for her mama. Not one single time since Joey’s been gone,” he revealed. “It’s almost as if she hasn’t noticed that she’s not here. And that is so sad… and oh, so wonderful – all at the same time.”

Prior to entering hospice care in the fall, Rory admitted that “Joey was Indy’s whole world” and everyone else was “just everyone else,” including him. He said, “[Indiana] loved her mama so much and all she wanted was to be with her, beside her or in-sight of her.” However once Joey’s health took a turn for the worse, she decided, “He must become greater and I must become less.”


“[Joey] started going against everything in her being that told her ‘time was short' so hold her baby even tighter… and longer… and more… and instead – she handed the baby to me, and sat alone in a bed and watched and listened as my relationship with Indy grew…and hers lessoned,” Rory wrote. “She let Indy fall more in love with me…and less in love with her. She carried the pain on her own shoulders, to try to keep it off of mine.”

He continued, “Don’t get me wrong, there were still lots of times in those last few months that I put Indy in her mama’s lap and they spent time together, loving and enjoying each other. But it was never the same. Indiana loved her mama… but she wanted me. She needed me.”

While the toddler, who recently started preschool, doesn’t fully understand the events that have transpired, she does visit her "mama" everyday with Rory. At Joey's grave, Indiana plays in the grass beside the flowers, listening and “talking with her hands.” During their daily visits, Rory said, “For a little bit, we’re a family again. Indy is on Joey’s lap and the world is right.”

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