Prince George and Princess Charlotte art

Our favorite (and cutest!) royals Prince George and Princess Charlotte just got way cuter because apparently both children are following in their mother Kate Middleton's footsteps and taking art as a hobby. Kate revealed the adorable news during her visit to Alperton Community school this week as part of Children's Mental Health Week. *Cue heart eyes emoji*

During her visit to Alperton Community School, Kate Middleton revealed that Prince George and Princess Charlotte are starting to take an interest in the arts

While at the school, the Duchess of Cambridge joined a discussion to talk all things mental health, teacher welfare and learned how the school uses art to increase the children's creativity and confidence – a topic she is naturally fond of because of her art history degree. She also took some time to speak with a couple of art students, telling them about her experience studying the subject in university. “I loved art when I was at school, and I did art A Level as well,” Kate told a young student. “I still look back on that time and still love the skills I learnt then, so I hope you’ll feel the same. It will be a skill you’ll have for life.”

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Afterward she shared how Prince George and Princess Charlotte are starting to express their creativity through different crafts, especially Prince George. Like an artiste, the 5-year-old Prince sees the whole world as his canvas. “George found a piece of charcoal in the fireplace and said, ‘Mummy, I’m going to draw a picture,’" Kate told the students. "That’s what’s so nice, you can do it from all around you.” 

The Duchess of Cambridge shared that 5-year-old Prince George once drew with a piece of charcoal

And the Duchess is just generally enjoying teaching her kids the fun that comes with art. "It’s something that I’m loving doing with the children," she said. "The papier-mâché! I forgot how messy it was. It’s so messy, but it’s great.”   

So whether you like to draw, paint, sketch or what not, always remember Kate's wise words on the subject of art: “It expresses your creativity and can help your confidence.” 

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