Pet of the week: Meet Fifi, the viral dog traveling in business class

“I don’t think non-pet owners really get it. Like, this is not just a dog… This is my daughter.”

Pet owners know the feeling of wanting to make their furry friends feel as comfortable and happy as possible. This could mean giving them a special treat, taking them on a longer walk, or making their trips a little more comfortable. We always want to give our dogs the best, and this is also the case of Fifi, a certified therapy dog, and her owner.


The pair like to spend quality time together, traveling around the world and going on new adventures. But it wasn’t until recently that Fifi received a lot of attention online, when her owner documented their trip from Hong Kong to Paris, while flying on Turkish Airlines.


“Pros Hong Kong to Turkey,” Fifi’s owner wrote, making a list of her experience, and sharing an adorable video of her pup comfortably sleeping in first class. “Super dog friendly staff on board. Spacious business class seats. Dog friendly lounge in Istanbul. Pet toilets at Istanbul airport. I only needed to put fifi in her bag when I ate.”

And while most of the comments were positive, some people decided to leave negative comments on Fifi’s page, as they thought the dog did not deserve the added comfort and luxury. “This is for all the haters out there,” she wrote, adding the audio to the clip, “I don’t think non-pet owners really get it. Like, this is not just a dog… This is my daughter.”

“Ah she’s adorable! I would spoil my pup like this if I could. Your fur baby deserves the best. They are our children; you are absolutely right,” one person agreed, while someone else commented, “Who could possibly hate this. Absolutely wonderful.”

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