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Danna Paola turns to this ancient ritual for relaxation: Discover its benefits

Find out what it's all about and include it in your beauty routine

Hot stones might just be the best way to bring harmony to your body, and Danna Paola confessed to Glamour that she herself gets hot stone massages in order to relax. This ancient therapeutic ritual has been shown to be effective in many civilizations around the globe: from ancient Romans, Native Americans and Aboriginal Australians to Eastern cultures. Around half a century ago, however, hot stones have made a comeback and have won over many people, including this young actress.

Danna Paola reveals her beauty secretsn©@dannapaola
Danna said she was a fan of hot stone massages during an interview

What are hot stone massages?

They are body and face massages using hot volcanic stones said to contain an energetic charge directly from the earth, which helps vital energy flow within the body, alleviating both physical and emotional trauma. The stones used are volcanic (black and green). Some mixed therapies also use cold stones such as marble. So, look for a day spa that specializes in this treatment and have a go at relaxing and activating your positive energy with a hot stone massage.

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Hot stone massages activate a variety of the body's energy points


Pain relief. The manipulation of energy points and chakras (the body's energy points in Hinduism) allows for the reduction and/or total elimination of things like menstrual cramps, back and leg pain, as well as pain in other parts of the body.

Stress reduction. The ideal temperature of the stones, combined with calming music and the massage itself, puts the body into a state of peace and tranquility helping you to relax and ultimately sleep better.

Some essential oils are also used during the massage to benefit the skin and help you relax

Improved breathing patterns. A relaxed state helps you to breathe deeper, improving lung capacity.

Improved circulation. Blood flow is stimulated thanks to the combination of the temperature of the stones and the massage itself.

Woman having hot stone therapy done on her face©GettyImages
Hot stone massage therapy uses contrast to activate blood flow

Elimination of toxins. This occurs due to the perspiration caused by the high temperature of the stones (+/- 122ºC, never higher). The therapy generally begins by having the stones placed on several points, mainly on the back, and after a few minutes of relaxation the soft stone massaging begins.

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