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Skin bounce back!

Meet the Latina behind the Japanese & Cuban skincare Oprah Winfrey swears by

This globetrotter is solving our anti-aging needs one pack at a time

It’s no secret, there’s a star ingredient in the multivitamin category — collagen. It supports skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, bone strength and joint flexibility. Since collagen declines production naturally in your body after you reach the age of 25, it’s important to protect your canvas’ radiance and youth by supplementing the protein. That’s why Anixia Rodriguez and Mamun Haque, created a marine collagen company La Sirène. Bridging her Cuban skincare roots and his Japanese insights on beauty, they created a beauty must-have that even Oprah herself uses. We caught up a with the Latina businesswoman who spoke about how much collagen is needed daily to maintain the skin’s youth, key benefits and more ahead.

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The bosslady in her element

HOLA! USA: How much collagen should someone be taking? Is there such a thing as too much?
Anixia Rodriguez:
Collagen should be taken every day in order to maintain and reproduce collagen production. The Japanese recommend the daily dosage of marine collagen to be a minimum of 2g a serving and a maximum of 5g per serving for proper absorption. It is also recommended that you do not exceed 10g of marine collagen per day, anything more than that is too much and not necessary when taking a quality product. When it comes to how much, the amount of collagen needed per individual will vary upon their body’s own collagen depletion – this may vary with age, lifestyles and/or medical conditions. I personally suggest that individuals over the age of 40 take the maximum dosage amount. Especially women with or beginning menopause since it causes the depletion of collagen to accelerate rapidly, causing one to not only see but feel the signs of aging.

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The different flavors to pick from

What are the main key benefits of taking collagen?
“Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, it is considered the glue that holds us together. Supplementing with collagen will not only target one area like a topical cream, but will help you reproduce your body's entire collagen production.”

Key benefits are:

Skin – Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firms and hydrates for smoother-radiant skin, supports clearer skin and even skin tone, prevents and repairs environmental skin damage, and accelerates wound healing and reduces scars.

Hair – Promotes healthier, thicker, stronger and rapid hair growth, preventing and stopping further hair loss.

Nails – Promotes stronger and healthier rapid nail growth. Restoring weak brittle nails.

Joints – Improves joint and muscular health, while assisting to alleviate and diminish joint pain.

Bones – Increases bone mineral density for stronger healthier bones and accelerates bone healing.

Digestion & Weight Management – Naturally detoxifies the body, improves gut health, boosts metabolism and strengthens immunity.

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Oprah’s nail tech approves of this Latina’s collagen line

How does your product differ from the 'deep sea' of collagen supplements on the market?
“Our product differs from others in the US market since we are the only US brand that manufactures powdered marine collagen in Japan. The Japanese have been supplementing and manufacturing collagen for centuries, the way they process and hydrolyze collagen is of the utmost standards. They are considered the leaders in premium collagen production globally. Also, we are the only US product that contains 100% tilapia sourced collagen. We do not use any fillers or blends of fish sources in our formulas like some other brand on the market.”

Can you explain the advantages of marine collagen verse other collagen?
“Marine collagen is superior to any other form of collagen available. It is 1.5x more effective with an absorption rate of up to 95% due to its super bioavailability from its small molecular size. Another advantage is that marine collagen is Type 1 collagen. Type 1 is the most abundant collagen protein found in the human body (over 90%) and it is key in maintaining a youthful appearance. Also, unlike bovine that creates a gelatin-like consistency in liquids and has a strong taste that is unpalatable for most, quality marine collagen will not alter the consistency or taste of your beverage – making it easy and enjoyable to consume.”

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Add the pack to every breakfast or meal to create a skin bounce back

Finally, tell us why you decided to create La Sirène?
“Since I was a young girl, I was always extremely passionate about natural beauty and skincare. Being Latina, my grandmother instilled in me the importance of taking care of my skin. My mother taught me to embrace my natural beauty and love the skin I’m in regardless of the pressures I was put under from being in the entertainment industry that made me very insecure at times. As I grew older, my love for skincare and preserving my youth naturally became even greater, and I was tired of seeing society pressuring women as young as the age of 19 to start getting injections as a preventative measure for aging.

I then began researching marine ingredients to create a skincare line that would be highly effective and encourage women to embrace their natural beauty and assist them in aging gracefully. During that time, I was introduced to Marine Collagen from Japan and was instantly curious as to why this type of product had never really been heard of in the US. Once I did my research and saw my own personal results, I knew then that I needed to share this magical powder with the world! Shortly after my discovery, I created La Sirène with hopes that I can encourage others to love the skin they’re in so they can not only look but feel their best.”

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