Eva Mendes pantsuit won't sell©@evamendes
Fashion 911!

Eva Mendes asks followers why they aren't buying her pantsuit – and gets some honest replies

Eva Mendes turned to the masses after one of her New York & Company suits didn’t sell

Eva Mendes is calling on her fans for fashion help! The 45-year-old took to her social media to ask for support and tips on how to get one of the suits from her latest line to sell. “Good Morning from my design meeting! Okay I want your comments about the clothes – but I hear you already, no these aren’t great face shots but this is me fully present in my meeting,” she wrote. “Wasn’t thinking about how I looked, was thinking about how to make YOU, our customer happy. The suit isn’t selling as well as I thought….muchachas y muchachos…please tell me why.

Eva Mendes suit won't sell©@evamendes
Eva Mendes turned to her followers for advice with her New York and Company line

In the photo, Eva wore the brown suit with black striping. She paired it with a dark printed shirt. The Place Behind the Pines star completed her look with a pair of black strappy pumps. “What aren’t you loving about the suit? It’s a cool, easy fit. Super 90s. I love it! But this is what these design meetings are for. I listen to all your comments and feedback on what your loving and not loving so tell me! I’m all ears.”

In the comments, fans sounded off on the design offering their take. “I think the color and the cut of the jacket,” one fan wrote. Might not mesh with a variety of skin tones.” Another fan chimed in: “I love the color for sure. Feeling fall. Love the stripe. I think the roll up on the pants give it a modern twist. Maybe that length but with a more tailored edge, hard cuff. The jacket would be cute if it was mid sleeved and more fitted. Complete the modern look.”

Eva Mendes New York & Company©@evamendes
Eva has been designing for New York & Company for six years

The Everette blazer retails for $130 while the matching pants sell separately for $79.95. The mixed print Layla blouse sells for $69.95. While she can turn to her fans, the mother-of-two, who has been designing with New York and Company for six years, noted that her family is always there for support and constructive criticism. “Ryan’s mom, Ryan’s sister, my mom, my sisters, my grandma are all my fashion guinea pigs,” she told People.

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Nobody is going to be more honest than family, and our family is very honest. It’s something I really appreciate because when designing something, you need real feedback.” She continued: “And then of course when you see your family in one of your dresses, your creations, it’s beautiful, because you know they’re not doing you any favors.”

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