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Jamie Foxx debuts dazzling new eyewear line inspired by Disney’s ‘SOUL’

The stylish actor is set on making you smiley and sharp this holiday season

Jamie Foxx is causing quite a spectacle this holiday season. The 52-year-old Oscar-winner has a double treat for fans, with the release of two exciting projects. You’ve probably already heard of Disney and Pixar’s highly-anticipated film SOUL, which begins streaming on Christmas Day with leading man Jamie’s acclaimed voice front and center. The star was so moved by the story that he infused the heart and, well, soul into another venture. And this one sits on cyber shelves now, waiting to be wrapped up as a holiday gift!

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jamie foxx style©Privé Revaux
Jamie Foxx flaunting a sharp pair of frames from his new Disney & Pixar SOUL Collection by Privé Revaux

Introducing The Disney & Pixar SOUL Collection by Privé Revaux, the affordable designer eyewear company Mr. Foxx co-founded. The collection goes hand in hand with the film, featuring three unique blue-light blocking frames ($39.95/pair) inspired by Jamie’s character Joe Gardner: “The Mentor,” “Born To Play” and “The Half Note.”

These are perfect to slip on while streaming the family flick. In fact, they were harmoniously designed with family in mind, paying homage to “the boldness of jazz music, exuberance of the spirit, and passion for uncovering life’s possibilities,” according to the company.

Like a Disney-Pixar movie, the glasses glitter with surprises. “Each design features surprise accents like hidden messages, and iconography from the film on the inner and outer arms of the frames,” Privé Revaux states. “Each pair will be presented in a signature Privé Revaux foldable case, adorned with floating piano keys to exude the fantasy and personality of the film.”

“This movie is about passion, it’s about what you feel,” says Jamie, himself. “Disney & Pixar have a way of unifying audiences with their content, which is something we all need right now, and what we aspire to do with this collection. Our goal is to give everyone something to smile about, and this film, along with our exclusive collection, does just that.”

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SOUL centers on Joe (Jamie Foxx), a middle-school band teacher whose life hasn‘t quite gone the way he expected. His true passion is jazz - and he’s good! When he travels to another realm to help someone else find their passion, he soon discovers what it really means to have soul. The movie will give you all the feels on the inside, while the glasses announce that same passion to the world on the outside.

The capsule collection is available now, so you’re ready to stream SOUL on Disney+ this Christmas Day!

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