The Best Friend Zipper pull

Meet your new Best Friend – she’ll always have your back

And she’s the solution to this common fashion frustration

You know the feeling. We’ve all been faced with the issue where we’re getting ready for work, a dinner, a party – you name it. You’re excited about slipping into a chic new dress or sexy blouse but meet with the fact that you can't pull your own zipper. Then frustration kicks in, and that’s where you decide not to go anywhere altogether. Bummer! Enter The Best Friend. The (cute) solution to an everyday frustration that literally has your back. To learn more about this handy product, HOLA! USA chatted with Carine Vinett, the founder and creator behind The Best Friend.

The Best Friend zipper pull©The Best Friend
The Best Friend is a fashionable action figure doll

“I’d sweat, strain my arm and ruin my blowout wiggling and trying to get the zipper up,” she began. “I thought to myself that there has got to be a better way and that led me to create The Best Friend. I’m a perfectionist so it took almost 3 years to create the product but I wouldn’t stop until it was perfect.”

Finally complete, The Best Friend is not your average product. Not only was it thoughtfully created to be functional, but to fully embody the role of a bestie, this useful zipper-pull is shaped like a fashionable action figure doll complete with a hot pink ensemble and heels. “I wanted The Best Friend to be an action figure because I thought to myself – I want it to really look like your best friend,” explained Carine. “I wanted the product to feel good in your hand and chose colors and features that were fun, chic and universal that all women would love.”

The Best Friend zipper pull©The Best Friend
She clips on to the zipper and voilà!

It’s only had a few months of its existence, but The Best Friend already made its way with celebrities as it was given to them inside the goody bags at the 2020 SAG Awards. “It’s surreal but I get it – celebs are just like us! Women are just excited to finally have a solution to this every day problem,” she said in response to her latest accomplishment.

“I definitely pinch myself when a big celeb gushes over the product. I’ve worked so hard to make my vision a reality so it feels really good to hear that people love it as much as I do,” she added.

Best Friend Zipper pull©The Best Friend
The Bestie wears a hot pink dress and matching high heels

Anything that’s here to simplify our lives is a major yes in our book, and Carine’s answer to this pesky situation reassures we’re fully capable on our own. “Women are excited to finally have a solution to this everyday problem and we want to ensure all women have a best friend that they feel represents them so we’re planning to roll out additional models later this year.”

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