Ethical fashion brand Tribe Alive
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This eco-friendly fashion brand works with female artisans in Latin America to create chic wardrobe basics

Tribe Alive partners artisans in Guatemala, Honduras and Peru

Shopping for a sustainably curated wardrobe is becoming more and more desirable. After learning of the negative impacts the fashion industry has on our planet, many fashion enthusiasts are becoming more conscious about the brands they choose to support. If, in addition to helping save our planet and opting for a less is more approach, you’d like to support artisans in Latin America, then fashion brand Tribe Alive may just become your new favorite. Aside from offering a seriously chic minimalist wardrobe, this eco-conscious brand works with artisans in Guatemala, Honduras and Peru to provide them a healthy working environment and fair-trade.

The female-founded business launched in 2014 and has since evolved into a global community of more than 280 artisans – some of which are also located in Haiti and India. “We partner with groups that are committed to providing inspiring, community-focused studios where our artisans can meaningfully create your pieces,” states the brand’s website.

Tribe Alive fashion brand©Tribe Alive
Tribe Alive works with women in Tegucigalpa, Honduras who hand make many of their jewelry and accessories

“At Tribe Alive, our artisans work 6 to 8 hours a day, with many who live in remote, rural areas working from home. Every year, we spend time on the ground in the studios and countries where our products are made to ensure the highest standards of safety and fair, empowering treatment for all makers are being upheld.”

With a desire to alleviate people from poverty and to empower women, Tribe Alive also prides itself on a manufacturing process that is eco-friendly, free of toxic chemicals and dyes. “We never use synthetic fibers, which are made from plastic and do not biodegrade even in landfills. Nearly all of our products are made with upcycled or organic materials, such as cotton and linen,” reads their site.

Tribe Alive©Tribe Alive
Artisans in Guatemala specialize in the ancient art of backstrap weaving

In addition to Tribe Alive’s two main pillars, the brand’s ethos revolves around timeless pieces that go beyond trends, and that are made to last through the seasons. Whether you’re on the market for a breezy summer dress, an elevated jumpsuit, or lasting accessories, keep in mind this brand’s classic silhouettes are made by

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