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Could Shakira and Bizarrap be working on a new hit song?

The Colombian superstar took to social to share a photo of her and the Argentine DJ together at a music studio

Shakira has done it again. The Colombian singer has set social media on fire by posting a photo with her friend Bizarrap, who was recently recognized by Time Magazine as one of Next Generation Leaders. For the last few hours, the post has gone viral and all their fans have been showing extreme excitement about the possibility of the two musicians working on a new collaboration. Could they be teaming up again for part two of their Music Sessions, Vol. 53?

Shakira shared a pic of her and Bizarrap at the studio©Shakira
Shakira shared a pic of her and Bizarrap at the studio

The two artists took this selfie from the recording studio, posing for the camera and making pouting faces. Shakira was wearing a plaid shirt and her signature long wavy hair, while the Argentine DJ, who had his arm around her shoulder, had on a black cap. Next to them, you can see a laptop with several tracks, a coffee cup, a mobile phone, and in the background, some guitars.

In 24 hours, her post has surpassed one million likes and has over 10,000 comments, where you can read all kinds of remarks: “Ready for part two,” “Let the world burn!” “They are preparing another hit,” “Let’s break records again! We’re ready!” “I love seeing you happy,” “What will the king and queen bring us now?” “Nervous!” “I smell worldwide success,” “More hits. Let’s go all out, with your fans supporting you,” “Creating magic,” and even one post that said, “Milan must be so happy having him in the home studio.”

Bizarrap, whose real name is Gonzalo Julián Conde, also commented, sharing four emojis: a flexed bicep, a boy, a frying pan with a fried egg, and a chef. It seems to indicate strength and that something is cooking.

Of course, some of her fans are convinced that if there is a new song, it could also have new jabs at her ex, Gerard Piqué. “Get ready,” “There were some things left to say to Piqué,” “Tremble, Piqué,” “The she-wolf is hungry.”

After the recent success of “Monotonía,” “Te felicito,” and “TQG,” and her latest song, “Acróstico,” where she sings and plays the piano with her sons Milan and Sasha, fans are eager to hear more from her. In fact, shortly after her post with the Argentine DJ, the Colombian singer shared a video of her “jamming” to “Acróstico,” playing the guitar herself.

Everyone is eager to find out what the two musicians are up to, as the renowned Argentine DJ is known to turn everything he touches into gold, and their first collab broke all sorts of music industry records.

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