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People are speculating that The Weeknd’s newest music video is a nod to Selena Gomez

The singer released his “Save Your Tears” music video on Tuesday.

2020 was a busy year for The Weeknd as the singer had multiple hit songs from his 2020 album, “After Hours.” Now, it seems like the Canadian singer is keeping with the momentum by starting his 2021 with a newly released music video for the song, “Save Your Tears.”

The 30-year-old released the music video on Tuesday, which already has over 7 million views, and it has fans freaking out over it for more than one reason. For starters, people spoke out on The Weeknd’s physical appearance as the singer looked completely different wearing facial prosthetics.

In addition to that, fans cannot help but notice how much the female model in the video resembles the singer’s ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. People are also speculating that the song is about the musician’s relationship with Gomez. How could we forget that infamous relationship that began in 2017 and lasted just under a year?

Some of the comments under the video on YouTube said, “How is no one talking about how the girl looks so much like Selena G. Like this song is about her if you actually listen and the video confirms it.”

Another read, “Girl dancing looks like Selena .. even sounds like he said her name..”

One commenter wrote, “Am I the only one hearing “Selena” on the background? 2:03.”

In order to help promote the release of “Save Your Tears,” the Canadian singer also posted a selfie to Instagram of him wearing the prosthetics on his face from the music video. Some celebs commented such as Emily Ratajkowski saying, “So good.”

The Weeknd’s music and visuals continue to impress us and drive conversation amongst his fans, talk about a true artist!

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