Lizzo and Selena Gomez

What do Selena Gomez and Lizzo have in common?

The two fan-favorite singers are in the list of celebrities and artists being honored for their inspiring lifestyle.

Lizzo and Selena Gomez are being honored by PETA for their inspiring contributions, promoting a vegan lifestyle, saving animals, and being role models.

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The two fan-favorite singers are in the list of celebrities and artists that are being rewarded with PETA’s 15th Libby Awards, in reference to animal liberation in different aspects.

Selena was rewarded for her Rare Beauty makeup line, as it is known for containing no animal ingredients and is officially certified cruelty-free.

While Lizzo supported vegan creations in the kitchen with her good as hell TikTok account, including an exquisite all-vegan Thanksgiving spread and winning in the category of Favorite Vegan Cooking Videos.

Riverdale star Madelaine Petsch is among the winners for reminding her large audience on social media that “animals belong in the wild,” and should not be used as photo props.


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The Spanish actor Miguel Bernardeau, known for his participation in Netflix’s Elite, was recognized by PETA for his attempt to “Boycott SeaWorld,” explaining that “orcas and dolphins” belong in the ocean.

While Lily Collins, starring in the successful series Emily in Paris won for adopting from a shelter, encouraging her fans not to buy from pet stores.

PETA also recognized Youtube star Grayson Doland after he rescued a drowning duckling from a lake, earning the award for Most Inspiring Act of Kindness.

The organization stated that it’s important for celebrities to lead by example and “proving that helping animals can be as simple as whipping up jackfruit enchiladas or buying a vegan lipstick.”

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