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Olivia O’Brien confirms she dated Pete Davidson, says he’s a ‘nice guy’

O’Brien appeared on a podcast and was surprised that people knew of their relationship.

Olivia O’Brien is one of Pete Davidson’s exes. The singer discussed their relationship in a podcast and was surprisingly candid, shocked that people knew of their relationship, and then, open, sharing when their relationship occurred and why it ended.

O’Brien was a guest at the “BFFs with Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry” podcast, a show that discusses pop culture alongside guests, ranging from singers to actors to influencers.

The rumor first appeared in the celebrity gossip account Deux Moi, in the form of an anonymous tip. “I have it on good authority that pete and phoebe are in fact an item. He ended things with B-list popstar/influencer he had been seeing before for phoebe,” it read, discussing Davidson’s relationship with actress Phoebe Dynevor, known for her work in “Bridgerton.”

In the podcast, Portnoy asked O’Brien. “Where did you hear that? How did you hear that?” she said, making him read the anonymous tip. “Yeah, Pete. I didn’t think that anyone knew about that, I really didn’t... Um yeah, we. Um, that’s true. Nice guy,” said O’Brien. ”He’s hot, he’s funny, and he’s sweet, he’s a really sweet guy.“

O’Brien then explained why the relationship ended. “That was October of 2020,” she said. “He texted me and was like ‘I’m seeing someone else so I can’t.’” At that time, Davidson started dating Dynevor, with the two in a relationship until August 2021.

“I cannot believe you guys found that, that’s really crazy, you’re the first people to ever ask me about that and I really thought that no one knew about that. Breaking news. Oh god. Two years later,” O’Brien concluded.

A few months after Davidson’s relationship with Dynevor ended, he began his relationship with Kim Kardashian. The rest is history.

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