Why Madonna has ‘important matters’ to discuss with Pope Francis

“The time will come when this woman will realize that Christ died on the cross for her as well,” Cardinal Ersilio Tonini said.

Madonna is ready to discuss some important matters with Pope Francis, revealing she wants to have a second chance after being excommunicated almost 20 years ago, for “blasphemous” behavior.

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The iconic singer who recently made a special performance at Maluma’s concert in Medellin, took to Twitter to contact the Pope, explaining that she is a good Catholic.

“Hello @Pontifex Francis —I’m a good Catholic. I Swear! I mean I don’t Swear,” she wrote, “It’s been a few decades since my last confession. Would it be possible to meet up one day to discuss some important matters?”

The signer said, “I’ve been ex communicated 3 times. It doesn’t seem fair,” and concluded by writing “Sincerely Madonna.”

The 63-year-old star has been the center of controversy for the church multiple times since the start of her music career, including in 2006 when she was criticized by the Catholic Church for one of her performances in Rome, being “crucified” on stage.


“To crucify herself during the concert in the city of popes and martyrs is an act of open hostility. It is nothing short of a scandal and an attempt to generate publicity,” Cardinal Ersilio Tonini said at the time.

“The time will come when this woman will realize that Christ died on the cross for her as well, that he spilt his blood for her. I feel pity for her,” he declared.

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