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Machine Gun Kelly talks about his friendship with Pete Davidson

Kelly appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about his long friendship with Davidson.

Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson have been friends for years. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kelly discussed their friendship, Davidson’s appearance on the album, and how the two even lived together for some time.

When discussing the relationship between Davidson and Kelly, Kimmel said, “You lived at his house for a while, right? Or his mom’s house?” Kelly laughed and said, “Yeah, a mixture of houses that he was at. There was a period where both of us kept looking at each other and being like ‘Is it over for us?’” he said, imitating Davidson’s voice and pretending to take a hit from a joint.

He then talked about Davidson’s cameo on his record, which came from a voice recording on his phone. “We went to In N Out with my daughter. Because that’s her uncle,” Kelly said, referring to Pete. “We were eating and we saw this couple in a car and the girl was freaking out, she was like ‘Oh my God, that’s Pete Davidson and MGK,’ and the boyfriend was so pissed,” he said, making the audience laugh. “You could just see him mouthing ‘Dude, I’d beat them up if you weren’t here, they’re so corny.’” Anyway. They passed a mural where there’s a bunch of famous people, including MGK, which was the part of the audio that ended up on the record. “I’m oddly on there, smoking the fattest blunt,” he said. After Jimmy tells him that Pete’s not on the wall, Kelly simply said, “He should be.”

Davidson and Kelly met on a variety of sets, with Davidson admitting that he was one of Kelly’s biggest fans, rapping along to the lyrics of one of his songs. “Nah, Jeff Tremaine put me on the spot and was like, ‘Yeah, you’re a big fan?’ Yeah, I go, ‘Yeah.’ And then I just snapped off,” Davidson said in an interview with Coveteur.

In an interview with Billboard, Machine Gun Kelly discussed their relationship a bit more. “We met each other at Wild ‘N Out way back,” he said. “And then met each other years later when I was filming that Mötley Crüe movie, ’cause he’s in that Mötley Crüe movie. And then we were just stuck down there in New Orleans, and we were both just, like, super stoners. …[We] listened to the same music. … So that’s my boy.”

In the appearance with Jimmy Kimmel, Kelly also discussed the time he took Ayahuasca with Megan Fox and had some words of encouragement for Zendaya, whom he met once and who’s now one of the biggest stars in the world. “I’m very proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished,” he said to the camera.

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