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Watch Chris Hemsworth dunk Elsa Pataky in the snow

Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky and their family spent the holidays in snowy Europe. Chris had a lot of fun dunking his family in the snow.

Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky and their family spent their holidays in snowy Europe. Elsa shared a funny clip of Chris distracting her and then dunking her in the snow, with both of them laughing and pushing each other afterwards.

In the clip, Chris is seen distracting Elsa, pointing in a direction behind her to get her to look away. As soon as she does, Chris pushes her in the snow, with Elsa laughing and screaming in surprise. “Another romantic moment with my beautiful husband,” Elsa captioned the post.

Elsa wasn’t the only one who was dunked in the snow. Chris shared a clip of himself throwing one of his kids in the snow. Liam Hemsworth quickly runs towards Chris and pushes him in the snow as well, getting some vengeance for his nephew.

The Hemsworth-Patakys spent their Christmas snowboarding, skiing and completing all sorts of winter activities. The family was joined by friends and family, including Liam and his girlfriend, Gabriella Brooks. The group rented a cottage and had a great time, playing sports and spending some quality time as a family.

Elsa shared a recap of their vacations, made up of photos with her family members. The post included photos in a variety of setups and outfits. In one photo she looked cozy with her husband in front of the Christmas tree, in another one she poses alongside her kids while wearing ski clothes, and lastly, a photo with Gabriella, with the two wearing fashionable outfits.

“Happy Christmas!!” she wrote.