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Songs from inside: Ricky Martin, Farruko and more music inspired by quarantine

These songs speak to everyone’s current situation

Quarantine – we all have to do it. During the strange times of the absence of physical touch and engagement (thanks, Coronavirus), these Latin music stars are here to let the world know we aren’t going through it alone. Many musicians such as J Balvin, Camila Cabello and Maluma have turned their living spaces into stages with at home concert series. Other stars have turned their homes into studios.

Music is the key that is helping Bad Bunny,Ivy Queen and Karol G and Anuel AA through periods of self-isolation. Lucky for the fans, their shared pain has turned into music. Whether they are singing about spending time at home, memories of their families, or finally being able to hit the stage again, these quarantine hits are the perfect document of today’s times, all of these songs hit close to home. Get up, stay inside, but dance and feel inspired by these Latin hits, created in quarantine.

Ivy Queen – Antídoto
For those people looking for a lifeline, Ivy Queen has delivered it. The Queen of Reggaeton transitioned her sound for something a little slower and heartfelt. As she sings about how important it is to get love and hugs and kisses, she flashes images of empty streets, health care professionals and fans greeting her with love. “We are the antidote of the world,” she sings in the healing last line of the song.

Bad Bunny and Gabriela BerlingeriEn Casita
Bad Bunny has had the love of his boo while under quarantine, but he misses the days when they could go out. The Puerto Rican superstar and his girlfriend surprised the world when they dropped a joint song from – you guessed it – the house. In the Trap single, that was released via SoundCloud, the rapper talks about how much he misses his professional recording equipment, performing and being out with family and friends. “Being stuck here until May 16 really sucks,” he raps.

Erika Ender – Back to the basics
The Panamanian singer-songwriter penned a song of hope in uncertainty. Erika sings about a world that needs healing. “A screen replacing love,” she sings in the opening line of the song. For the Despacito songwriter, it’s about being intune with the world around us. “We were forced back to the basics,” she told HOLA! USA. “To our inner selves, to solidarity, to empathy and individual and social responsibility. We are part of one big home called Earth.”

Farruko – El Tiempo Pasa (Cuarentena)
Farruko brings nostalgia as he reflects on all of the things he misses since being in Quarantine. In the song, the star reflects on the moments that he took for granted, such as time in the studio and time with his family. The video is equally emotional as the Puerto Rican musician walks along the empty island and shares pictures from his past.

Karol G and Anuel AA – Follow
Latin music’s biggest couple returned with their latest collaboration. Follow isn’t necessarily about being in quarantine, but rather pursuing someone from a distance. However, the Colombian songstress and the Puerto Rican rapper recorded and shot the video for the track inside their home in Miami. “We wanted to create a song that was cool and fresh for our fans with a video that shows how we are overcoming the reality that we are all going through. We are thinking of all of our fans out there and hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this time.”

Alejandro Sanz – El Mundo Fuera (The World Outside)
The Spanish musician feels the pain of his country as it is one of the hardest hit by the Coronavirus. In the piano lead single, Alejandro sings about the world that he misses from inside. “This song was created at home in quarantine,” he wrote. “It’s an improvisation traveling on a voice note, some harmony instructions and a feeling in common.”

Nibal, Justin Quiles, Danny Ocean, Feid - Cuando Amanezca
These four guys brought a ray of light with their latest hit. Cuando Amanezca or When the Sun Rises gives the perfect look into post quarantine life. Nibal, Justin, Danny and Feid made the song even better with their creatively vibrate video. The singers all perform together on what looks like Instagram, and honestly, all the hearts were worth it.

Greeicy - Los Besos
Even from quarantine, Greeicy has some kisses for her love. The songstress’ latest single is dedicated to her beau Mike Bahía, as she talks about all the love and kisses she has for the songwriter. Making the video even sweet, is the cameo appearance by her leading man, but also the inside look at the couples time in quarantine.

Chino & Nacho – Raro (Live at Home)
Before fans could celebrate the duo’s highly anticipated reunion, Covid-19 shut the world down. Before the lockdown, the Venezuelan musicians released their first joint single in four years, Raro. Since the fans couldn’t see Chino & Nacho perform it live, they created a special quarantine music video and a special message for the song to be dedicated to loved ones.

Danna Paolo – Contigo
Danna sings about being locked inside with that special someone. Contigo (With You) comes with lyrics that represent how everyone is feeling at the moment. “I stay locked if it‘s with you, with you, with you/I stay in quarantine if it’s with you, with you/I stay locked if it’s with you, with you, with you/What I want is to dance with you again with you, with you,” she sings in Spanish. In the video, the lyrics to the song flash as Danna dances around her house.

Quiéreme Mientras Se Pueda - MTZ Manuel Turizo
Manuel wants you to love people while you can. The Colombian singer looks back on his time outside with clips from trips with his friend and collaborators and loved ones. Making the video even special were the special messages dedicated to the frontline workers.

Ricky Martin, Farruko - Tiburones
Ricky enlisted the help of another Quarantine music King for the his latest single. Ricky and Farruko sing about fighting for their love. In the video, the Puerto Rican musicians perform at their respective homes. Keeping up with safe practices, and sharing an important message, the men wear masks throughout the visuals.

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