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Awakening your senses

6 Tips to have a successful Valentine’s Day during COVID-19

Bring back whatever makes you feel alive and in control of your emotions.

Undoubtedly this Valentine’s Day will hit different, especially since it is the first one we celebrate while officially quarantining. Thinking of love and romance during this challenging time might be the last thing on your mind right now, but for the sake of your mental health, now, more than ever, it is time to bring back whatever makes you feel alive and in control of your emotions.

And how do you do that? Only by awakening your senses. Whether you plan to spend V-Day with the most important person in your life, which is you, or you will celebrate with a loved one, indulging your senses with the things you love the most would potentially refresh your mind and bring positiveness to your precious life.

Humans have five basic senses, and all of them blast our brains with information that later helps us perceive our surroundings.

Find below how to explore and recharge each one of them from the comfort of your home.


According to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, touch is believed to be the first sense we develop. By touching a textured surface, we can go from uncomfortable to cozy.

To experience soft and warming textures, wrapped yourself into a Wondery - Explorer Wraparound Blanket. Made with heavy synthetic wool, this blanket is woven and weighted heavily to swathe and drape your body while cozying up by the fire - the blanket feels and looks so unique that it will exceed expectations with anything currently on the market.

Wondery - Explorer Wraparound Blanket©Wondery
Wondery - Explorer Wraparound Blanket


Perceiving things through the eyes also has a considerable impact on your decisions. Whether you believe in love at first sight or you “eat with your eyes,” looking at aesthetically pleasing things is another way of awakening your senses.


This Valentine’s Day, dance to the rhythm of your favorite music or listening to the sound of nature straight from the Echo Show 8. Or what about listening to the voice of someone you haven’t seen in months due to the pandemia. Remember, this day is not only for lovers; you can show your love to those people who have an essential role in your life. Use the Echo Show 8 and connect with someone special, like your Grandma.

Echo Show 8 -- HD smart display with Alexa©Amazon
Echo Show 8


We know you want to go to a fancy restaurant but about creating memories by making s’mores in your home? Meet City Bonfires, a COVID-safe way to get a little “me” time. The brand designs portable mini bonfires you can use in your backyard or balcony. Easy to light and extinguish, simply bundle up, sit back, relax and enjoy s’mores or a glass of wine while staying warm on a chilly winter’s night.

City Bonfires©City Bonfires
City Bonfires


Did you know that humans are capable of smelling over 1 trillion scents? Whether you knew or no, we all have clear that something special happens when you light a candle; the air becomes comforting, the atmosphere warm. The Hex Hive Candle sparks a feeling of joy and happiness when lit in your home, bringing magic and light to where there was darkness.

Hive Hex Candle©Hive Hex Candle
Hive Hex Candle

When the scent of a newly lit candle begins to whisper around your nose, a feeling of comfort and euphoria takes over. The fragrance is one of the senses most closely related to memory. The journey this candle you on is vast, beginning with the initial alluring scent and concluding with a fond memory that was once forgotten. With three unique and compelling fragrances, each Hex Hive Candle perfumes the air with a new thought, a feeling, or, perhaps the best gift of all-a memory.

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