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8 tips for transforming your rest into health and beauty

Your skin and body are restored and revitalized while you sleep

Much of what happens in human bodies when we sleep continues to be a mystery, so while experts continue to conduct research, we want to talk to you about what we do know. Sleep disorders affect your health and can harm your appearance.

It has been shown that failing to sleep six to eight hours a day will affect your physical and mental health. Not resting enough can cause problems with your heart, kidney function and productivity just to mention a few side effects. And when it comes to beauty, a lack of sufficient sleep can prevent your body from removing certain toxins so that your skin can restore its pH balance, elasticity and collagen production to fight wrinkles.

But keep in mind that it’s not just about closing your eyes! Your sleep must be restorative and revitalizing. So, how can you make healthy sleep happen? Here are the key steps:

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Reading before you sleep helps you to relax and prepares your mind and body to rest

1. Turn off the lights

Harper’s Bazaar cited a study from Harvard Medical School which showed that by lowering the level of light in your room when you go to sleep your body will naturally produce melatonin, which is known as the “sleep hormone” and activates your immune system and counteracts the aging process.

2. Enjoy a good book

Forget about books that have to do with your profession or work. Before going to sleep, devour a good book about something that excites you. It’s best to avoid using electronic devices to read because of the light they emit.

3. Do activities to relax

Believe us, meditation, deep breathing, stretches, and certain yoga positions will help relax your body and prepare it for healthy sleep.

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Having linden, chamomile, or lavender tea will help you sleep

4. Drink calming herbal teas

A chamomile, linden, or lavender herbal tea is the perfect prologue to hours of quality sleep.

5. Say goodbye to entertainment devices

Before going to sleep, make sure your TV is off half an hour beforehand, if possible. Keep your smartphone away from your bed. Your rest is much more important than a screen.

6. Take a relaxing bath

A shower with hot water, or pampering yourself with a bath with relaxing soaking salts, will help you shake off the day’s stresses so you can relax much more deeply when you get into bed.

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Healthy sleep will make you look radiant

7. Avoid caffeinated drinks

Try to stay away from coffee, drinks with caffeine or similar substances, since they will keep you awake and alert and it will be difficult to sleep and rest.

8. Get an expert opinion

If none of these tips work and you still have trouble sleeping, you should visit a professional. They can offer you additional treatments and techniques that will help you to get the rest you deserve.

Now you have eight excellent ways that will help you get deep sleep. So put on your favorite PJs, have some tasty tea, and read a good book after a relaxing bath, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your comfy bed. Good night and sweet dreams!

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