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Ximena Duque

A woman who has learned to create her own path as an entrepreneur and influencer

Ximena Duque is one of the most popular Latinx faces in the United States. This is no easy feat and has occurred thanks to her hard work and the ambition she had five years ago when she decided to press pause on her acting career. Duque took this opportunity to build her own business, becoming a point of reference for women all over the world who wanted to make their mark in whatever they wanted to do.

Duque now is reaping the benefits of her hard work. She’s also doing something that she puts above all else; spending time with her beautiful family, the one she built with her husband Jay Adkins and their three children: Cristian, Luna and Skye.

Recently, Duque took a minute to share her pride over her hard work and of belonguing to the “Million Dollar Club,” a coveted spot that she shares with partners of her corporation, with whom she enjoys her fortune.

Ximena Duque©Hola

“I’ve shared my process over the past year, but you don’t know my battles, my tears, and how hard it’s been to build what I have today. Whenever you send a destructive comment, all I do is send you guys good vibes because I’ve already got God’s blessing and protection” she wrote in a post addressed to her millions of followers.

“When I started in this business, I visualized myself in the Million Dollar Club because I knew that this would represent having helped many people to change their lives and economy,” she says. “What I did not imagine was being so close to the 5 Million Dollar Club in just three years, one more goal, which I visualized from day one and I have worked hard to reach, and in a matter of months, it will become a reality, and of course, this means that I have helped more people than I could have imagined.”

“I feel HAPPY and grateful to God for having put this opportunity in my life that without a doubt I will make the most of it because in the end, when we do things to help others, success comes in addition!”

Duque’s rise and financial independence hasn’t been easy. She’s had to face battles related to her family and mental health, with the year 2021 being a challenging one for her. In her third trimester of pregnancy, Duque contracted COVID and had to be hospitalized after she was accepted in the Emergency Room. The consequences were tough, with Duque developing pneumonia and almost losing her third baby.

Afterwards, that same year, she gave birth to Skye and had to deal with a crippling depression that put her marriage with Adkins in jeapardy. In an IG Live with HOLA! USA, Duque revealed that her relationship was “hanging by a thread.” Professional help was what helped her save her family.

“There was no explanation. During that time, I felt like I didn’t deserve my husband nor any of the good things that I had in my life,” she explained.

At the beginning of 2022, her positive impact on the Latinx community was rewarded by an invitation to the White House. She was a guest alongside her family due to her work as an influencer.

“I invite all of you to dream and to dream big. Sometimes you think that you’re not worthy of something and we are! We deserve everything we want in life,” she shared, excited, in HOLA! USA’s April digital cover.

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