Katy Perry beauty tips dark circles

Katy Perry's beauty secret to get rid of dark circles under the eyes

Katy Perry’s radiant skin has a lot to do with laser treatments and injections that eliminate those pesky dark circles

Carmen Cecilia Márquez Inojosa

One of the signs of stress and fatigue are those annoying bags and dark circles that appear under our eyes. In the case of celebs, this can be even worse due to their hectic agendas, so then, how does Katy Perry keep such a fresh-looking face? In an interview with Refinery29, she dismissed the rumors about plastic surgery and revealed her beauty secret to get rid of the problematic bags under her eyes.

Katy Perry beauty secret dark circles©Getty Images
Katy got rid of her dark circles thanks to filler injections

"I used to have really bad skin when I was in my 20s", she said to the magazine, "I remember that I was doing laser treatments, trying different creams, getting expensive facials, and nothing worked", said the I Kiss a Girl singer. Luckily Katy was able to sort out the problem by the time she began her career, she stuck to her skincare ritual that included anti-acne solutions, had laser treatments and eliminated the dark circles with filler injections.

Dermatologist call Katy's procedure "Tear through filler." Basically, it consists of filling and smoothing the hollow area under the eyes using injections with hyaluronic acid. It is a non-surgical solution but it obviously requires specialists as it is a very delicate area.

Katy Perry beauty secret dark circles©Getty Images
Katy Perry confirmed she hasn´t had any cosmetic surgery

The celebrity doesn’t have any issues with the idea of body modifications and she encourages anyone considering surgery to do so only if it is something that will make them feel better. "I haven’t had any surgeries, I’ve used lasers on my skin, and I have injections under my eyes, which I recommend to anyone looking for a solution to their undereye bags."

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