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Eva Longoria invites you into her Mexican Kitchen with her new cookbook

The first time she cooked an egg she was 5

Eva Longoria has another cookbook on the way. The Mexican-American actress and businesswoman announced on Monday that her second cookbook, My Mexican Kitchen will be available on October 29th. The 49-year-old explained in the caption that she was inspired by her travels “all around Mexico and discovery of new flavors.”

According to Longoria, who is moving to Spain with her husband, the cookbook includes 100 recipes with tradition, flavor, and spice, “from Huevos Divorciados to Chocoflan and everything in between.” You can preorder now, and for the Longoria super fans - there are signed copies.

Longoria’s love of cooking

Back in 2021, HOLA! USA had the opportunity to interview Longoria about her love of cooking. We asked her when she knew she had a passion for cooking, and Longoria said it went back to when she was 5 - more out of necessity. “I would ask my mom, ‘I’m hungry, and she’d be like ‘Well you better figure it out’ cause you know she was like a mom with four kids, and she was so crazy busy.”

Eva Longoria Signs Copies Of Her Cookbook "Eva's Kitchen: Cooking With Love For Family And Friends"©GettyImages
Eva signs copies of her first book in 2011

In her first book, “Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends,” she told a story about how she made her first egg when she was 5. “I was hungry, and I made myself an egg, and I remember pushing my chair up to the stove because I couldn’t reach, cracking the egg, shell, and all into the pan with no oil, nothing, and having such a sense of accomplishment like, ‘wow I did that,’” she recalled during our interview. “I don’t remember what the egg tasted like, I don’t remember anything else, I just remember the sense of accomplishment. And since then, it’s been like a therapeutic relief for me.”

Eva’s cooking hacks

Longoria told us she could write a whole book of cooking hacks, but until then, she did leave us with some tips. “I think the main thing is to invest in your pots and pans, like in your tools. You know the right spoons, and the right spatula, and the right pots and pans. They should last you a lifetime if you do it right, and that makes a total difference in how you cook,” she explained.

The Flamin Hot director also shared a guacamole tip: use lemon for guacamole and lime for salsas - but never use lime for guacamole.

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